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Brand product QR code anti-smuggling system, real-time grasp of transportation information

by:Fullgo     2022-11-04
The principle of the anti-smuggling system for reverse checking and tracking of goods in the sales area is simple: assign each product a unique one-item-one-code anti-smuggling code. When the product reaches the end user, the channel or end consumer scans the code to obtain commodity circulation and act as an agent. information, etc. Commodity information can be monitored, and at the same time, the real-time big data of the channel terminal in the big data engine of the enterprise is connected, which provides scientific decision-making and basis for the company to carry out marketing, regional accurate dynamic sales, product production cycle estimation and new product research and development. The method of preventing smuggling is to use the two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system of brand products to have a clear understanding of the product quality and process, and can give the product a QR code. Management of all aspects of distribution channels. It is convenient for managers to make market decisions, which can help enterprises to effectively manage channels, control circulation links in real time, mobilize configuration in real time, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, distributors, and headquarters. Record logistics information to ensure that there is no abnormality in the transportation process, and the dealer scans the code to receive the goods to confirm that the goods arrive at the designated location. Precise anti-smuggling early warning, standardize the enterprise market, and maintain brand value. In the production process of the product, an anti-smuggling code is given to record and track the information of each product's circulation, sales, etc., so as to accurately track the products that have been stolen, and know the situation of the smuggling at the first time, which is convenient for management and control. Each product has a digital ID card. Through real-time information, we can learn about the product dynamics, add a unique information anti-counterfeiting code to the product, and enter the platform system to collect the distributor for the product ID code in detail. Understand the circulation process of each product. Order management of channel suppliers: The anti-smuggling system supports online ordering of channel suppliers, avoids wrong orders and missed orders, makes ordering more efficient, and data can be viewed in real time. Through market supervision, system testing, and consumer supervision, enterprises can save evidence for distributors' smuggling of goods, which can help the market to operate better, and enterprises can fully grasp all information about the flow of goods. Product code, inbound scanning, general warehouse, outbound scanning, logistics, distributors, terminal markets, users scan codes to check authenticity, obtain sales locations, determine whether products are sold or not, and manage the full cycle of products. The anti-smuggling system realizes product distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection and consumer data collection and tracking, which can enable enterprises to effectively grasp the circulation of products in the market and standardize the sales system in the region.
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