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Brand products use one item, one code point marketing system to ensure the best promotional effect

by:Fullgo     2023-01-23
Precise activity management uses one item, one code as the marketing entry, attracts consumers to purchase through activities, provides various forms of marketing activities for enterprises, and can also initiate promotional activities. Points mall: The platform opens an exclusive points mall for enterprises, operates independently, and flexibly manages the member point system. Shopping scan code to get points, participate in activities to get points, official account interaction to get points, points + red envelopes, points mall to redeem gifts. Through the background dynamic data, real-time monitoring of terminal dynamic sales, make quantitative investment and dynamic adjustment, and use one item, one code to issue coupons, points, cash red envelopes, mall deductions and other prizes through marketing activities to achieve close interaction between merchants and consumers. , can accumulate fans. The user experience has been improved. The marketing tools that connect each role in the marketing chain and run through the whole scene can be used to achieve precise incentives for multiple scenes and multiple roles. Assist brand enterprises in digital marketing, rapidly promote the privatization of brand user data assets, and quickly link supply and demand sides into the marketing scene. One-thing-one-code technology scenario-based marketing helps merchants quickly connect with consumers, obtain user data, and implement marketing; scanning the code can enter various marketing scenarios, attract customers to participate in activities, and increase product sales. Brand products use the one-item-one-code point marketing system. While scanning the one-item-one-code QR code to check the authenticity, users can also obtain prizes (phone bills, red envelopes, express delivery, etc.) in real time, increasing users' favor for the brand. Form a secondary communication effect, increase the desire of users to buy repeatedly, thereby effectively increasing the sales of products. Accurate and efficient interactive marketing enterprises can integrate and organize marketing user data, digitize online and offline marketing models for consumers, integrate enterprise resources, online precision marketing, and offline consumption guidance. Master all retailer information and data, help brand owners to accurately formulate marketing strategies, and a variety of digital marketing solutions to help enterprises achieve double promotion of brand sales and brand reputation. User portraits can be made based on the scanning data brought by one item, one code, and various data of users can be analyzed for enterprises, so as to conduct secondary precision marketing, accurately push products, and concentrate marketing. The one-thing-one-code digital marketing program is a fully functional and user-friendly marketing strategy that saves time and is practical. It caters to the development of the times while building brand prestige and strengthening consumers’ loyalty to product brands.
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