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Brand traceability, trace product information at all stages

by:Fullgo     2022-11-03
Complete and coherent intelligent supervision of all aspects of product production, processing, transportation, warehousing, and terminal sales. Through the establishment of a complete traceability system, the source of products is transparent, the process is open, and the destination is traceable; through the monitoring and management of the whole life cycle of the product, the operation efficiency and quality control ability of the enterprise are improved. The source of raw materials for product production can be effectively traced, and the production process information can also be directly traced to fully understand the direct whereabouts of the product. These information can facilitate traceability and tracking, and facilitate daily work management. Effective Guarantee Through the rational use of the product traceability system, the material and flow direction of the traceability target can be directly determined, and the entire scope and termination process can also be determined. Brand traceability, to meet the full-cycle traceability requirements of products, to open up key links in the product's full life cycle for manufacturing enterprises, multi-dimensional visual analysis, to help enterprises quickly realize the transformation and upgrading of digital operations. For the products produced by the enterprise, after the basic database is formed, the basic information on the source of some product purchases, the production and manufacturing process, the raw materials used in production and purchase, the packaging information, the geographical data of sales, etc., can be scanned by the QR code after the basic database is formed. Display the production, processing, sales, inspection and other information of the product, so that consumers are more assured and recognized. Standardized production specification Product traceability is the traceability management of the entire product life cycle from product packaging, raw materials, production, warehousing, channels, terminals to consumers. The product quality will be traceable in the forward direction, traceable in the reverse direction, and risk controllable. When a quality problem occurs, the product can be recalled, the cause can be found out, and the responsibility can be investigated. Quickly identify the QR code, effectively collect traceability data, and quickly check the legitimacy of the record through the QR code terminal device, escorting the production, transportation and sales of products. To achieve product traceability supervision from the source, the product traceability system also has a role, the needs of enterprises to carry out regional marketing, and to improve consumer satisfaction and their own brand image. Manage the entire life cycle of products from production to sales to ensure product quality. Scan the traceable source code to find out all the information of the product's manufacturer, product's origin, supply chain, etc.
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