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Characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting marks_Laser anti-counterfeiting marks-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-07
With the current development trend of high-tech, people are becoming more and more aware of anti-counterfeiting trademarks. For example, we can now see the signs of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting marks in shopping malls. The application of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting trademarks is relatively common, so it is very It is easy to be accepted by everyone. The anti-counterfeiting manufacturing industry is a very outstanding manufacturing industry. Its appearance makes us more and more convenient in our daily life. Nowadays, everyone pays attention to environmental protection, and the anti-counterfeiting manufacturing industry has developed a new type of anti-counterfeiting trademark for environmentally friendly materials, which is very beneficial. It is a laser anti-counterfeiting mark with beautiful appearance and rich content. Another name of the laser anti-counterfeiting mark is the laser 315 anti-counterfeiting trademark, which is an anti-counterfeiting trademark using the technology of laser colorful hologram plate making and stamping replication technology. Compared with other anti-counterfeiting trademarks, the identification of laser anti-counterfeiting labels generally relies on human eyes to carry out observation, and can rely on microscope equipment to identify true and false labels. The labels suppressed by the same mold are the same, but the template is in the process of lithography. The main parameters and the standard hazards of the natural environment are impossible to make a completely consistent template. In the National 315 Product Anti-Counterfeiting Inquiry Center, this is one of the key anti-counterfeiting features of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. The characteristics of the laser anti-counterfeiting film include the following points: 1. The laser film has a high gloss for smoke, and the holographic projection layer can make the film have a good anti-static function, high anti-adhesion and high adaptability to machine operation. 2. Resistance to printing ink erosion, blocking water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc. can be high. 3. It has a unique aroma, strong anti-counterfeiting effect, beautiful appearance, emerald green, and environmental protection. 4. The tones can be colorful and single, including a single seven-color rainbow, a variety of rainbow colors, true colors and their right and wrong, etc. Its paintings include two-dimensional, three-dimensional, multiple and dynamic images. 5. Optional composition anti-counterfeiting. Up to now, there have been holograms and true three-dimensional skills and even 4D skills. The difficulty of cheating is very high, and it has been loved by many companies. 6. Laser film is a new technology and new environmental protection material announced today. Today, there are mainly: BOPP laser PET film, transport film, transparent altitude sickness film; PET laser PET film, composite bag and its hot stamping film.
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