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Characteristics of our tamper evident bags / security envolopes

Characteristics of our tamper evident bags / security envolopes


Tamper Evident Bag

                    1, High strength material, solid and durable

                    we use high quality PA/PE polylaminate co-extrusion material, tear-proof, scratch-proof, water and dust proof, good toughness.

                    2, Quick search tracking code

                    we can print a unique tracking code (including digital code+ traceable barcode) on each bag, through which the content can be traced.

                    3, Tamper evident seal, VOID revealing words

                    If there is someone open the bag without permission after it is sealed, the indelible tamper evident words will be left, which work as tamper-resistant caution and anti-theft.

                    4, Personalized customization, brand spreading

                    we can customize different materials, sizes, thicknesses, printing colors as required for different bags.

                    5, Several customized products introduction

                    a, bag inside a bag, inside interlayer (can put receipts, bills or documents there)

                    b, bag outside a bag, adhere to outside surface (can put receipts, bills or documents there)

                    c, print with writable ink (clear handwriting, prevent scratching and erasing)

                    d, can do 4 types tamper resistant (hot wind blowing proof, condensation proof, chemical reagent proof, revealed with VOID)

                    e, can print 5 barcodes on the bag body (height of the barcode can be 57mm, no limitation of length)

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