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Chinese commercial shelf life management system, store sales realize first-in first-out

by:Fullgo     2023-02-03
Manage the whole link to open up the store to easily query ciq information: suppliers provide CIQ qualification information, warehouse code binding SKUY and CIQ qualification information, shopping guide store system product qualification query menu, market supervision department randomly checks product CIQ qualification, shopping guide scans designated products The QR code and the system automatically call up the corresponding CIQ qualification information. China Merchant Shelf Life Management System, the core business scenario - store sales to achieve FIFO and expiry reminders, allowing sales, configuring FIFO rules in the background, shopping guides scanning the unique code of products, prompting earlier batch/shelf life inventory, and completing sales , Configure temporary reminder rules in the background, and the system automatically pops up to remind the SKU and inventory of temporary products. Display shelf life and certificate information through product coding to open up the whole link of anti-counterfeiting, supplier, warehousing, channel, store, and consumer management. Sub-controlling machine: responsible for coding the production line, establishing the relationship between single product-box-cartridge, and then uploading the collected data to the factory server. The production line system is generally divided into: manual line, semi-automatic line and fully automatic line according to the degree of automation. The whole coding system consists of factory server and sub-controller. Logo description: Use the logistics anti-counterfeiting logo for the single product logo, use the sleeve label mode for the box support, and print the quality assurance information on site. Factory server: It is responsible for connecting with the enterprise data center, synchronizing the relevant order and product data, and then distributing it, and uploading the data collected by the production line to the data center. Distributors/Stores: Stores/distributors scan codes to enter batch and shelf life information to achieve efficient management of product receipt, return, delivery, inventory, adjustment and transfer. The background configuration reminds the rule of expiry. Through the label on the daily chemical product, consumers can scan the code to check the authenticity of the product to prevent the purchase of counterfeit products, and can also view the product information of each link, helping enterprises reduce inferior products. China Merchant's shelf life management system, realizes expiry reminder, anti-counterfeiting, and traceable product full-cycle information; helps merchants reduce counterfeit products, better manage product shelf life, and can sell products in order of date, so as to avoid unknowing of expiration. For coding scenarios, factories can be recommended&The warehouse performs code assignment and association, which is the support for subsequent temporary insurance. Semi-automatic and manual line modes are recommended. The production date of each batch of daily chemicals is different. Through the record of information, the entry of the production date, and the record of the shelf life, the time period management of the product is carried out, and it is easy to find if there is an expiry product.
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