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Commodity anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, with extremely high anti-counterfeiting performance

by:Fullgo     2022-11-01
The effect is remarkable. Anti-counterfeiting information in the process of consumers buying products. The application of one-item-one-code QR code to products is relatively comprehensive, including product origin, production process, and logistics information, as well as communication with brands. One of the key nodes in preventing smuggling of goods is logistics. Products are labeled with one code in the process of production and packing, and then the logistics information of their products can be tracked. The flow direction of the products can be clearly seen. Under this premise, it is difficult to If the goods are smuggled, it can effectively prevent the smuggling of goods and stabilize the foundation of the market. It can make the number of each commodity related to the first place in the export area, get rid of the waste and uncontrollable shortcomings of the traditional direct printing area monopoly, and can hand over the effective data information composed of the relevant number to the customer, as a long-term Standardized management of large shopping malls, and can cooperate with dealers and customers to identify the authenticity of goods. Check the flow of products for authenticity verification, and help enterprises customize anti-counterfeiting labels suitable for brands according to the needs of brands such as product packaging and other factors. Product anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling: The anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling solution can not only achieve anti-counterfeiting, but also monitor product flow and dealer behavior. Anti-smuggling system, open to the outside world, can prevent counterfeiting signs, strictly prohibit a large number of counterfeiting of illegal shops; internally, it can prevent dealers from smuggling goods, maintain brand safety in an all-round way, protect customer rights and interests, and pursue a perfect and sustainable development concept for the company. Commodity anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling, controlling product prices, checking product whereabouts at any time, reducing counterfeit goods, formulating marketing strategies according to the sales situation in different regions, preventing agents and distributors from selling goods at random prices, stabilizing market sales order, and retaining Good dealers, product sales growth, etc. Preventing agents from smuggling goods across regions While consumers recognize the anti-counterfeiting method of scanning code, it is also common for products to embed marketing activities in one item, one code. The convenience of QR code marketing opens up the way for products to communicate with consumers. Anti-counterfeiting solutions: For enterprises that only need to implement anti-counterfeiting functions for their products, there are various types of anti-counterfeiting labels for customers to choose from, such as: opening bottom anti-counterfeiting labels, temperature change anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. With anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling logo, you can check the authenticity, so that consumers can buy with confidence, and can also perform functions such as channel anti-smuggling management. Generate a unique identification for each product, obtain the precise location of the scan code through GPS, and track the flow of each product.
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