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Commodity anti-smuggling system, channel circulation control

by:Fullgo     2022-11-01
It protects the company's own interests and refuses to smuggle goods, and effectively prevents various commodity smuggling behaviors. The system automatically sends out commodity smuggling warnings in the background, reminding enterprises to smuggle goods across sales areas, and it is convenient for market managers to prevent dealers from smuggling goods. It can monitor the distribution channels of products, check the information of the dealers that are transported, timely feedback the information of smuggling goods, clearly display the list of agents who have smuggled goods, analyze the areas where the goods are often smuggled, and solve the problem of smuggling goods easily. Commodity anti-smuggling system, enterprise administrators can clearly see the company's product circulation based on encrypted data, and find out which dealer is selling goods in time. Consumers can check the authenticity by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code on the product. It is convenient to make market decisions in a timely manner and accurately grasp the information of products, warehouses, distributors, consumers and other links, establish an intelligent data system, realize automatic early warning of smuggling goods, and improve the efficiency of inspection. Solve the phenomenon of smuggling: Once the scanning area does not correspond to the sales area, the system will automatically carry out anti-smuggling early warning, comprehensively eliminate smuggling behavior, and ensure the stable operation of the market. The anti-smuggling system assigns code and record information to each batch of products on each node, and has detailed time records and quantity records for product entry and exit. When you need to query in the future, you can see the system when you open it. The system helps enterprises to control purchase, sale and inventory information at all levels, grasp the circulation of product channels, master the inventory and sales of distributors at all levels, prevent distributors from crossing regions and levels, standardize the sales market of brand products, and maintain the market price system. Protect the company's own interests. Help enterprises to achieve full-process supervision, complete data collection and correlation in all links such as product transportation, warehousing, and sales, realize transparent and open data and information of various channels, and help enterprises to accurately crack down on smuggling behavior. Through the systematic management of commodities, refined data management can be effectively achieved, and by allowing agents at all levels to scan the code for receipt and delivery, the enterprise can know the flow of products. According to the information management system established and perfected by the product anti-smuggling intelligent management system, the personal behavior of standard agents, and the application of anti-smuggling system early warning to prevent cross-regional market sales. Commodity anti-smuggling system, warehousing, warehousing, logistics, and channels are scanned and marked to achieve product tracking management. Managers can check the flow status of products through the background of the system, and there will be automatic warnings of smuggling goods, helping enterprises to truly realize anti-smuggling goods management. Reliable data can accurately grasp the flow of products, understand the operation status, realize the supervision of any link of the entire circulation channel, and prevent cross-regional goods. Real-time monitoring, reasonable manipulation of the personal behavior of agents to sell goods across regions, to ensure the rights and interests of each agent.
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