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Commodity anti-smuggling system, effectively combating smugglers

by:Fullgo     2022-10-31
Accurately supervise and record the information of product sales and circulation links, and can timely and accurately understand the situation of products in the market, and provide a certain basis for enterprise decision-making through data analysis. By assigning a different and unique code to each product, the logistics information of each link of the product can be monitored, and product inspection can be realized according to the information, which effectively prevents the occurrence of fraudulent goods. In the channel circulation link, from product warehousing and delivery, to dealer receipt and delivery, the handheld terminal is used to scan the QR code on the package, record the product circulation data, and manage the product throughout its life cycle. The system automatically carries out early warning of smuggling goods, and comprehensively eliminates smuggling behavior and ensures the stable operation of the market. Through the system, enterprises can avoid squeezing inventory, and allow various regions to adjust, exchange, and return goods at any time. Mastering the product flow to the commodity anti-smuggling system can realize one-stop services such as scheme design, production line transformation, product coding, dealer management, anti-smuggling inspection, and terminal marketing. Use the anti-smuggling system for branded products, control the flow of products in real time, realize automatic warning of product smuggling, generate analysis reports for smuggling, and manage the whole process of product information. Each product has an exclusive 'identity code', and the data background can clearly record the accurate data of each identity information, effectively preventing the phenomenon of smuggling in the market. Track the flow of products in real time, achieve anti-channeling control, combat counterfeiting and shoddy, and realize multi-level packaging, such as: single product-box-consignment data collection and correlation, product warehousing/outbound, dealer warehousing, terminal store receipt, etc. In the process of scanning the QR code of the packaging to collect product information, the flow information of the product can be tracked. You can bid farewell to the anti-smuggling system for digital management of products, and accurately control the flow of dealers and products through one item and one code, and prevent agents from smuggling goods. Analyze and sort out consumer query data and dealer smuggling data, and visualize it in the background of the system through reports or charts. Packaging and coding, data collection and correlation during transportation, monitoring and management of product circulation in channels, and easy handling of product smuggling. The company adopts the anti-smuggling management system, which can prevent the smuggling behavior among dealers at all levels, realize a standardized market sales management system, protect the rights and interests of dealers, agents and consumers, and achieve a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win. One item, one yard produces greater value. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product anti-smuggling system, the whole process of managing the dealer's anti-smuggling system in Guangzhou, and monitoring the circulation of products
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