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Commodity IP authorization control, derivative code management

by:Fullgo     2022-11-02
Online anti-counterfeiting authorization management Anti-counterfeiting uses one product, one code and two-dimensional code technology to create IP label management products. The anti-counterfeiting authorization management system adopts one product, one code technology, using two-dimensional code labels as the carrier, and realizes unified management of people and goods through two-dimensional code ID cards. . With visual system management, key production data can be collected and supervised for the authorized party's factory, to ensure product quality is qualified, to ensure that the production quantity is consistent with the application quantity, and to safeguard the interests of the brand. CCN's IP label management and control products use the underlying technology application of cloud computing, big data and blockchain, and use the commodity IP authorization management and control system to realize the full chain connection of IP parties, brands, sellers and consumers, and solve the problems in the authorization process. Possible issues such as copyright protection, derivative anti-counterfeiting traceability, authorization management, authorization fee settlement and consumer portrait management. Develop IP anti-counterfeiting labels for commercial value commodities to improve corporate image and gain consumer trust; anti-counterfeiting labels can be pasted, printed, and transferred to product packaging, with anti-counterfeiting functions. The product IP anti-counterfeiting authorization is mainly the holder of the product IP image, who grants the product IP image to the product manufacturer, and the copyright owner authorizes the product according to the IP anti-counterfeiting code amount. QR code to check the authenticity of the product. In IP label management and control products, the anti-counterfeiting code is closely connected to the label data platform to track sales in real time, enabling IP companies to easily draw consumer portraits based on big data, understand consumer characteristics, and use first-hand market data for the next stage. Authorization management provides the basis for decision-making. It is more convincing to realize the full-process authorization and supervision of products with anti-counterfeiting labels, and it is easier to gain the trust of consumers, establish the brand image of the brand licensor, improve product awareness, and customers trust the brand. One item, one code IP authorization anti-counterfeiting code, to escort the brand development, IP brand product anti-counterfeiting logo production, reduce counterfeit goods, and conduct authenticity verification. CCN Chinese business has created a brand-new IP label management and control product by using the professional technology of one item, one code. Build an IP licensor management system for brand owners, break through the barriers between brand owners and licensors, realize full-chain supervision through digitalization, and make management more fruitful. Starting from the packaging of IP products, from production to distribution and sales, it can not be counterfeited, making anti-counterfeiting simpler, lower cost, and easier to achieve.
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