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Commodity shelf life management system to improve the level of refined management and control of stores

by:Fullgo     2022-11-01
The warehouse management anti-counterfeiting shelf life label is pasted on the product, which can check the authenticity of the product, and at the same time can check the shelf life and other information, help enterprises to reduce counterfeit goods, maintain enterprise reputation, and resist counterfeit and shoddy products. At this stage, more and more cosmetics and daily chemical companies use the shelf life management system. For coding scenarios, factories can be recommended.&The warehouse performs code assignment and association, which is the support for subsequent temporary insurance, with semi-automatic and manual line modes. Shelf life management and control, management of products in and out of storage, tracking of product flow, and prevention of smuggling; record product information, trace the whole cycle, record related production date and shelf life, reduce expiring products, and prevent counterfeiting. Shelf life management system solution, truthfully record and manage batch, shelf life, certificate and other information. Integrated whole-process control Shelf life management and batch number control management cooperate with each other to instantly view the inventory data that has expired and will soon expire, thereby optimizing inventory management and avoiding cost waste caused by inventory expiration. Product traceability management and control, through code assignment and code scanning, promote the implementation of one item, one code, form an interconnected traceability data chain, and realize that the entire process of production, circulation and use of key varieties can be traced from source and traceable. The management of the shelf life is involved from warehousing to inventory, to allocation, to delivery, and to provide early warning of shelf life management to ensure the integrity of the entire industry chain. One item, one code assignment system, through product code assignment, the whole link of anti-counterfeiting, supplier, warehousing, channel, store, and consumer management is opened up. Expiration date management logo description: use logistics anti-counterfeiting logo for single product logo, use sleeve label mode for box support, and print quality assurance information on site. Distributors/Stores: Stores/distributors scan codes to enter batch and shelf life information to achieve efficient management of product receipt, return, delivery, inventory, adjustment and transfer. Commodity shelf life management system, the system generates labels and affixes them to the products, and accurately enters the product name, special product registration certificate number, ordinary daily chemical product record number, expiry date, net content, purchase quantity, supplier name, address, contact information , purchase date, etc. Store sales to achieve first-in, first-out, and temporary reminders: the system automatically pops up windows to remind the SKU and inventory of products that are on an expiry date, and the store inventory shelf life triggers the reminder rules. The background configures the temporary reminder rules, and the background configures the FIFO rules. Prompt to have earlier batch/shelf life in stock, allow sale, complete sale. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading of the product anti-adjustment package label has the meaning of independent data content anti-counterfeiting traceability, and product information is transparent and available for inspection
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