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Commodity traceability system to ensure product quality

by:Fullgo     2022-11-01
Confidentially trace product information, control anti-smuggling products, logistics control, and brand promotion; by giving each product a unique tracking code, one-to-one binding of goods, consumers can scan the traceability code to obtain detailed information and inquiries about the goods result. Establish a product production and circulation tracking information database; monitor and manage the entire process of each link; comprehensively analyze and utilize traceability information; provide an information traceability operation platform; provide comprehensive information services through the network, client and other channels . The product traceability system can be completely customized to add various traceability processes, as well as basic information management such as product management, supplier management, personnel management, raw material management, etc., to display traceability information, and input information can be freely set, and components are completely customized and added according to enterprise needs. . Realize the tracking of the whole product chain and give each product a unique identity code, combine multiple sets of code assignment methods, and associate the corresponding relationship of multi-level product packaging information to avoid the destruction of encoded data and ensure that each data can be associated and traceable. Build a full-process logistics traceability system for commodities, which can check the dynamic information of commodity flow, understand commodity market inventory, sales, etc., master commodity market big data in real time, make corresponding business decisions, and realize commodity big data management and control. For product traceability, the product traceability system can be used to precisely manage and control various raw materials of the product. From key information such as supplier qualifications, raw material batches, and raw material categories, data can be automatically collected and uploaded to the One Object One Code platform. Realizing commodity big data management and control helps enterprises to improve commodity brand value, comprehensive competitiveness, and obtain commodity market big data information, which provides favorable data basis for enterprise management decision-making. Let each commodity have a unique identity code identification, and use the QR code as the carrier to complete the empowerment of one object and one code, and realize the full chain traceability of product digitalization in a lower cost way. Provide a full range of data collection, integration, and the blessing of a new generation of algorithm technology, so that visual data can become the basis for decision-making by enterprise management, and help each link of production, manufacturing, circulation, and marketing. Consumers can query the traceability source code on the traceability label through the Internet, scan the QR code on the traceability label through the mobile terminal, and have a clear understanding of the origin of the product, processing enterprises, logistics channels, and terminal sales companies. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend reading milk powder traceability, trace the two-dimensional code of the traceability system throughout the whole process, and give each product a code
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