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Commodity traceability technology, strict control and management

by:Fullgo     2023-01-22
Improve brand reputation and value. Input basic product information into the traceability system, such as: origin, production batch, production date, product number and other basic information. After entering the product number in the background, the enterprise can operate the product in and out of stock, inventory and products in the background of the system. Inquire. To achieve traceability of product sources, inquiries of flow direction, risk prevention, and accountability, guarantee product quality, ensure that each QR code identification information is unique, data encryption cannot be imitated, and meet the needs of product traceability and market supervision. The whole life cycle traceability system, from the traceability of suppliers, raw materials, raw material warehouses, production plants, finished products, etc., identifies appropriate quality control points, collects quality information quickly in real time, and provides rapid feedback to ensure that the entire production and circulation process conforms to product quality standard. The information entry collection and traceability system in each link uses the QR code as the carrier to assign an identity to each product to realize one item and one code, which runs through the entire process of enterprise operation, and controls the quality of products at the source. When product quality problems occur, products can be recalled in time. , to prevent and control risks. Traceability technology: (1) RFID wireless radio frequency technology, attaching a chip logo on the product packaging, the product can automatically collect and read the relevant information when entering and leaving the warehouse and transportation, and the flow of the product can be recorded on the chip. (2) Two-dimensional code, consumers only need to scan the two-dimensional code through their mobile phones to inquire about the relevant information of the product, and the inquiry record will be kept in the system. Once the product needs to be recalled, it can directly send a short message to the consumer to achieve precise recall. . (3) Barcode plus product batch information (production date, production time, batch number, etc.), production enterprises basically do not increase production costs. Improve the product quality control ability traceability system principle, extend the traceability chain to upstream and downstream enterprises in the production, processing, and consumption market links, form a traceability closed loop, realize the traceability of data sources, traceability of whereabouts, and hold relevant responsible persons accountable. Commodity traceability technology helps companies establish a good reputation by giving each commodity a unique identity, so that consumers can buy with confidence; it controls product suppliers, raw materials, production, warehousing, sales and other process links. Through professional machinery and equipment, a single product is given a unique QR code as a traceability ID card, so that each product has its own identity code, which can be used for product production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection, sales terminals and other links. Collecting data and tracking it constitutes the whole life cycle management of product production, warehousing, sales, circulation and service.
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