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Commodity tracking and traceability improves the intelligent process of enterprises

by:Fullgo     2022-12-20
Effectively manage dealers to jointly supervise product production, trace product information, control risks, recall problem products in a timely manner, quickly find the person in charge of this link, view product source information, historical records, etc., and product quality is visible. Track and trace products, realize anti-smuggling management and control, and traceability management of product production process; realize the tracking, supervision and control of the whole process of goods, prevent dealers from smuggling goods, record product information in each link, and scan the code to query. Precise management, supervision and supervision of the production and processing of product raw materials, from source to process, to ensure product quality. Ensure visual control, monitoring and traceability of products, and recall defective products to enhance brand reputation and value. It can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and give each category an exclusive and unique identity, complete raw material, production, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, terminal full-chain closed-loop management and key data collection. Tracking and traceability can record the product circulation process in real time, and enter the product processing quality inspection information, which can not only locate the product's whereabouts, but also supervise the product quality. Commodity tracking and traceability, the entire product chain management and control, can trace back to end consumers from raw materials, record product warehousing information, control product circulation channels, master the entire process of product flow, monitor and combat vicious commodity smuggling, and prevent smuggling management, Regulate market order. The quality of each link of the product is traceable and controlled, the information can be queried, the whole process can be traced, and the whole process of tracking has strengthened the enterprise quality management. Through the enterprise information management of the platform, users can maintain enterprise information such as relevant geographical environment information and production information, and establish a comprehensive and rich enterprise information file. Control of data in all links Control each link of the product from production to circulation, and confirm the person in charge of each node and each link. Realize the visualization and dataization of traceability, truly guarantee the brand image of the enterprise product, and facilitate the market management of the product by the regulatory department. The product traceability system generates product traceability signs, generates corresponding QR code traceability labels, and manages products. It can record the information of all links in the production process of goods to form information data, which is convenient for enterprise consumers to check all relevant information from the beginning. Strengthen the production management of enterprises, enhance the brand image, and quickly locate the problem products through the system, achieve accurate recall, and avoid the spread of problem products. The traceability system has the function of quickly and efficiently proving the origin of the product, and can determine its specific position in the entire production chain at any time.
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