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Condiment traceability technology, data control in all links of the supply chain

by:Fullgo     2023-01-10
The record can be traced to realize the visualization and dataization of traceability, which truly guarantees the brand image of the enterprise product and facilitates the market supervision of the product by the regulatory department. Each product box produced will be sprayed with a uniquely identified QR code (one item, one code), which will accompany the entire process from the production of the product to the user's hand. By adding a unique, intact and confidential identity and special identification to the commodity, it can complete the strict monitoring of the outbound, inbound, logistics and other links of the product, and can easily complete the traceability of the commodity. Throughout the enterprise from raw material procurement, processing and packaging, logistics and circulation, the key information of each link of the enterprise can be recorded through the system and transmitted to the central database, forming data for query, traceability and recall. Consumption transparency Once problems are found, effective control and recall can be carried out based on traceability to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from the source. Product traceability systems can help companies better manage supply chains and effectively integrate commodity consumption and production logistics. The QR code that gives each product uniqueness encrypts the digital identity information, so that the product has identifiable information displayed to consumers and regulators. The condiment traceability technology can help companies record the traceability of the entire industry chain from raw material acquisition, production to finished products, and after circulation to the market, and can achieve precise management of the production and processing process of product raw materials, from source to process, to ensure the quality of condiments , so that consumers are more assured of the company's products. The completion of enterprise traceability management can improve the transparency of the supply chain, improve management efficiency, quickly locate problems, maintain corporate reputation, and establish a positive image. The traceability system for condiments can record the information of all links in the production process of the goods to form information data, which is convenient for enterprises and consumers to check all relevant information from the beginning. When there is an abnormality in a product, it can quickly determine the cause, give feedback to customers and consumers, recall defective products, and reduce the losses of the company itself, customers and consumers. Track and monitor the whole process, realize quality traceability control, multi-level channel monitoring management and after-sales service control, deal with channel smuggling and product quality tracking and other issues from the source, maintain market order, provide guarantee for the sustainable growth of enterprises, and improve product traceability management level .
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