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Cosmetics anti-adjustment package label stickers to protect the rights and interests of the brand

by:Fullgo     2022-11-06
It can check the authenticity of cosmetics to prevent cosmetics from being disassembled, repackaged, and stolen in the middle, and use anti-adjustment package labels for products to protect the brand circulation and sales process. A variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, self-adhesive materials, and label making processes can be made according to customer requirements. Cosmetics anti-adjustment package label stickers can prevent products from being repackaged and prevent counterfeiting. Through the label, it can be judged whether the product has been disassembled, allowing consumers to buy branded products and preventing business interests from being damaged. The tamper-evident self-adhesive label is widely used: it is used to make various sealing labels, tamper-evident labels, warranty cards and other labels. The phenomenon of illegally opening the sealed object is a kind of mark that provides quality assurance for consumers and enhances users' confidence in the product. Strict inspection of commodity anti-counterfeiting, eliminate counterfeit products, prevent items from being opened, stolen, exchanged, and destroyed products, enhance brand product image, increase product credibility, and allow consumers to buy with confidence. Anti-counterfeiting technology: code anti-counterfeiting, one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting, embossed shading anti-counterfeiting, watermark paper anti-counterfeiting, spot-color printing anti-counterfeiting, microtext anti-counterfeiting, latent image anti-counterfeiting, special ink, fluorescent encryption, digital codes and other anti-counterfeiting technologies . Paste the anti-adjustment package label on the product to prevent the label and package from being reused after being disassembled, and prevent the occurrence of counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting labels are resistant to high temperature, freezing, moisture, sunlight, and corrosion, and printed labels will not deteriorate when used in harsh environments. Anti-counterfeiting printing technology superb anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in It, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, daily chemicals, food, veterinary drugs, books, clothing, milk powder, beverages, chemicals, shopping malls and other fields. The encrypted label is difficult to imitate, easy to identify, and the anti-counterfeiting code prevents it from being copied, improving the anti-counterfeiting effect. Affixing anti-counterfeiting labels on products, so that counterfeit products cannot be imitated, maintaining products, establishing brand image, and preventing damage to interests are the main functions of anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting labels are reference objects that enterprises voluntarily manufacture and use in order to protect well-known brands, prevent counterfeiting, and distinguish them from fake products. Covering the label special film, with strong adaptability and high waterproof and anti-counterfeiting threshold; the label will not fade for a long time, with strong stickiness and strong tear resistance. The anti-counterfeiting sealing label is attached to the sealing of the object, which can effectively prevent unauthorized opening and theft of documents, mails and packages, and is used to identify unauthorized and illegal opening of sealed items.
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