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Cosmetics BC linkage marketing to increase consumer purchase rate

by:Fullgo     2022-12-19
Promote product sales to achieve in-depth direct connection between terminal stores and consumers, and online data; brand owners can further connect content delivery and sales transformation, greatly shortening the distance between terminals and consumers, bc linkage has played a role. One code can be used to distribute awards to the b-side and c-side respectively, collect data, build a user account system and other links. One item, one code enables enterprises to digitize cosmetics products, allowing enterprises to directly connect to the C-end and collect C-end users. Data creates value. One Code Double Reward enables both the B-side and the C-side to be unified traffic portals, and builds account systems for the B-side and C-side respectively, collecting both the data of the B-side and the C-side; and based on the user attributes of the B-side and C-side , so that promotional expenses can be accurately reached online. Expanding brand awareness is beneficial for brand owners to use the relationship chain between store owners and C-end users to promote products, expand their influence, attract users through social relations, enhance trust in brand products, and improve order conversion rates. The code-assigned association technology forms the BC-side incentive and reward association, which increases store sales and undertakes the task of product promotion, promotes consumers' awareness of products and repurchases, and promotes both enterprise terminal sales and brand stickiness. Attract users through direct promotions, reach the C-end online, and promote product sales. Cosmetics BC linkage marketing is constantly enriched and extended. Various combined and innovative gameplays can be matched with different delivery strategies to enhance the depth of marketing from point to surface, and provide more support for brand expansion and private domain operation and maintenance. Increase user interaction experience and precision marketing: Make precise selection of dealers and core stores, take the C-end top as the guide, insist on cultivating core consumers and do a good job in major customer operations, and strengthen BC linkage. Reaching the C-end online, promoting product sales, empowering the company's efficient operation and growth, opening up online and offline channels, making the marketing snowball bigger and bigger, increasing the B-end dynamic sales rate and the C-end purchase rate. The so-called BC linkage marketing refers to creating a marketing link that runs through the dealer's B-end - the small B-end of the terminal store - the consumer's C-end. Use the marketing method of BC linkage to carry out full-scene marketing of products, thereby expanding brand promotion and standing out in the color cosmetics industry in the same industry. Effectively improve the purchase rate of C-side FCL products, the store owner's shelf rate, the sales rate of shopping guides, and the efficiency of write-offs for shopping guides. In the BC linkage marketing system, for channels, terminals and consumers, it plays a role in in-store marketing, in-store marketing, and private domain marketing. Extend reading the basic concepts of one item, one code marketing system, improve consumers' good purchasing experience, customize one item, one code red envelope marketing system, and flexibly adjust marketing plans according to real-time market effects
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