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Cosmetics full cycle traceability system, clearly understand product production and circulation information

by:Fullgo     2023-01-24
Protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Cosmetics full-cycle traceability system, fully understand the product traceability system, and establish visual product files by collecting relevant data on products in production, quality inspection, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, sales, etc., to fully inform consumers. Display product quality information to achieve two-way traceability from production to sales. The commodity circulation traceability system establishes a complete management system and file records for a series of links from raw material purchase - production - storage and transportation - sales - distribution - after-sales service, through product identification (QR code), batch files, Supplier information, customer information, user usage and feedback information to complete the management of product quality traceability. Guarantee the quality information management of the enterprise by the product quality system from the source, including: quality information acquisition, sorting, transmission, summarization, statistics, analysis, feedback, utilization and many other links. The management system is to improve product performance, meet user applicability needs and Important basis for improving product quality. The product traceability system has powerful functions, which can help consumers to check the authenticity of products, help enterprises to eliminate fake products, provide completely clear management capabilities in the supply chain, ensure visual control, monitoring and traceability of products, and recall problem products and enhance brand reputation. and value. Product traceability is to use the current advanced Internet of Things technology, automatic identification technology, etc., through professional equipment, to give each product unique identification information as an anti-counterfeiting ID card, which can be used for product production, warehousing, logistics, sales and other links. Carry out data collection, data tracking, data analysis, transparently record the information of each link, build product life management, and effectively improve the quality assurance level of products. Traceability in the production and operation process Consumers can scan the code on their mobile phones to inquire about product information, not only can they directly understand the source of the product, but also help companies build a marketing ecosystem, enhance their brand image, and allow consumers to repurchase and recommend traffic. Through identification, software, and automation, information traceability, information and data association and sharing in each link are realized, and the digital transformation of enterprises is facilitated. Raw material traceability refers to the traceability of product production raw materials to ensure reliable quality of product raw materials. Complete the strict monitoring of the outbound, inbound, logistics and other links of the goods. When the goods enter the sales terminal, consumers can easily complete the traceability of the goods by scanning the QR code to ensure the quality of the goods. It provides full-cycle management and control operation through digital product coding and digital channel management, and builds a complete product quality traceability system. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading agricultural product traceability system, the visual management of the entire production process agricultural product quality and safety traceability system, enhances the sense of responsibility of the enterprise
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