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Cosmetics one product one code marketing, effectively increase the sales of products

by:Fullgo     2023-01-24
The realization of digital marketing is the entrance of cosmetics marketing activities. With the help of red envelopes, points, big turntables, H5 mini games and other activities, it can realize product marketing, open up multi-data docking, and big data marketing. Cosmetics are sold with one code per item. Consumers can scan the code to receive the prize after purchasing the product. How many codes are scanned, and how many awards will be issued. The more they buy, the more they scan, and the more they get; Consumer accounts directly give consumers practical benefits, so that consumers are willing to spend, and are willing to spend multiple times. One item, one code marketing system, a typical application tool for product digital marketing, consumers can directly or indirectly receive red envelopes and physical prizes by scanning the code, increasing consumers' recognition of product brands and consumption viscosity, not only increasing product sales terminals At the same time, it can increase the repurchase rate, and the red envelope is very attractive. To meet the needs of personalized customization, the cosmetics one item one code system assigns each product an intelligent marketing 'QR code' with a digital identity. After the user scans the code to achieve anti-counterfeiting and traceability, the brand owner completes the consumer data collection. All consumption data information in the one-thing-one-code system will eventually be returned to the brand owners to achieve precise marketing; interesting and novel QR code marketing activities can attract consumers to buy products and scan the code to participate in the activities. The application of one-thing-one-code digital tools is implemented, using 'code' to run through all business processes, incorporating all links of the channel into the digital system, and completing the online and transparency of the entire link, so as to better control the cost of marketing activities and achieve Efficiency growth. Complete brand precision marketing, one object, one code novel marketing, scan the QR code multiple times to unlock different rewards, offline consumption to receive awards, online mall coupons, online purchases to receive in-store write-off coupons and other marketing methods. Realize a series of marketing, attract fans and brand promotion, help enterprises to complete digital transformation, rebuild the sales scene of people and goods market, and attract more consumers. One-thing-one-code marketing uses one-thing-one-code marketing activities as the entrance. With the help of red envelopes, points, big turntables, mini games and other activities, it can realize product marketing activities, open up multi-data docking, and big data marketing. Optimize the experience, increase the participation rate, and set up targeted prizes according to product characteristics and consumer groups. Consumers can quickly scan the code, get product information, and get a certain discount at the same time. This method is very attractive, and it will be easier and simpler to implement.
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