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Cosmetics one product one code marketing solution to increase brand exposure

by:Fullgo     2022-11-08
Improve brand market influence Enterprises can integrate and organize marketing user data, digitize online and offline marketing models for users, integrate corporate resources, online precision marketing, and offline consumption guidance. By giving each product its QR code, the communication scenarios between the brand and each consumer are opened up, the experience is optimized, the participation rate is increased, and targeted prizes are set according to product characteristics and consumer groups. Cosmetics use the one item, one code marketing system. Through the scanning behavior of consumers, it helps companies to obtain consumer data and portraits, assists brands to better track product marketing results, and optimize marketing strategies. Attract more consumers to participate in the background of the one-thing-one-code marketing management system. The data and information of theme activities are clear at a glance. The company has data and information to analyze market demand, adjust marketing promotion management decisions, and make secondary market sales, making management and control easier and more convenient. . Use the one-thing-one-code intelligent marketing platform to start intelligent marketing, build brand image with anti-counterfeiting information, pay attention to the public account to drain traffic, and open up online + offline marketing channels. Accurate supply and demand matching is achieved, providing a convenient and efficient marketing and decision-making environment for each node. Cosmetics one-thing-one-code marketing solution, providing one-stop QR code marketing and data services, committed to applying cutting-edge Internet technology, mobile technology, Internet of Things technology, serving enterprises in all walks of life, realizing enterprises and end consumers interconnection, interoperability and mutual benefit. Strengthen the interaction between consumers and brands. One thing, one code, everything is connected, and the information of each product can be accurately counted, and all the data can be kept by itself, which can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and help enterprises to innovate their brands. Brand owners analyze consumer behavior, strengthen brand influence at key touchpoints in the consumer shopping process, promote rapid user decision-making and conversion, and improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Collect consumer data, including consumer personal information data, consumer behavior data from user contact, conversion to operation, and product conversion data under different marketing content and scenarios. Screen users and optimize publicity and marketing strategies, improve marketing accuracy and user acceptance, and make marketing activities more in line with user psychology. Through point exchange, deduction, discount and other promotional methods, customers are attracted to make second or even multiple consumption, bringing higher profits to the store.
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