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Cosmetics shelf life management logo, management of the whole link is opened

by:Fullgo     2022-11-07
Maintenance of the whole product cycle Through the supervision and control of the shelf life, the date of each batch of products can be clearly known, so as to avoid overdue waste and protect the rights and interests of all parties. Through the application of the shelf life management system, consumers can buy qualified brand products, so as to have more confidence in this product, it is easy to identify the true and false, and prevent the purchase of fake products. The shelf life management system records various product information, and uses the QR code label to correspond to the product information. Consumers only need to scan the code to view the product production date, shelf life, and identify authenticity. Cosmetics shelf life management logo, shelf life early warning, expiration reminder, expired query, avoid expiration loss, facilitate consumers to check the authenticity of products, and have too much trust in the brand. On-site printing of warranty information, shelf life management, early warning, shelf life expiration reminder, expired query, to avoid expired losses. Distributors/Stores: Stores/distributors scan codes to enter batch and shelf life information to achieve efficient management of product receipt, return, delivery, inventory, adjustment and transfer. The principle of the shelf life management system: the core business scenario - store sales to realize FIFO and expiry reminders, allowing sales, configuring FIFO rules in the background, scanning the unique code of the products by the shopping guide, prompting that there are earlier batches/shelf life inventory, and completing the sales. Through the management of inbound business, outbound business, allocation business, assembly and disassembly, inventory adjustment, etc., combined with batch shelf life, inventory count and real-time inventory balance management, the logistics and cost of warehousing business can be tracked and controlled to reduce costs. The backlog of inventory is in short supply, reducing the cost of inventory. The particularity of mobile phone scanning code to check the authenticity of products, it not only needs to track and trace in and out of the warehouse by batch, carry out early warning of shelf life, and accurately obtain the inventory of each store and warehouse in real time. Consumers: conduct anti-counterfeiting and shelf life inquiries through QR codes. Logo description: Use the logistics anti-counterfeiting logo for the single product logo, use the sleeve label mode for the box support, and print the quality assurance information on site. The production line is assigned codes, and the association of single product-box-to-tray is established, and then the collected data is uploaded to the factory server. At this stage, industries that commonly use shelf life management systems, such as daily chemicals, food, cosmetics, etc., can manage the entire product cycle, and the one-item-one-code technology can realize traceability, anti-counterfeiting, shelf life management, and anti-smuggling, etc., to ensure the normal sales of products in each process. , to prevent smuggling, 'safe' to reach consumers.
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