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Cosmetics traceability system, strict monitoring of each process

by:Fullgo     2022-11-07
Ensure product quality and gradually promote product information traceability, focusing on the development of information collection, accurate operation and management, digitization and visualization, product problem early warning and other technologies to realize production informatization. Establish and improve the traceability system of production enterprises, so that the production of products can be truly, accurately and effectively recorded in the process of production and operation, and the information in the whole process of product production can be recorded, traceable, controllable, recallable, and queryable. Establish a traceability system to ensure that the whole process of products can be traced, and use information technology to collect and retain production and operation information. Cosmetics traceability system, an information management system project to improve consumers' reassurance, from product quality identification to order fulfillment, through the unique two-dimensional code on each product packaging, to realize the supervision of the entire product supply chain. The construction of the whole-process traceability and traceability system for each link is to collect and record the information of product production, circulation, consumption and other links, to achieve deep traceability, and to serve enterprises and consumers. The traceability system effectively prevents counterfeit products from flowing into the sales market, greatly avoids the loss of economy and reputation, and can also comprehensively track and collect product quality information to comprehensively improve product quality. The development, design and integration of the two-dimensional code traceability system, the system starts from the management of materials in and out of the warehouse, and the entire management process can be completed by scanning the code on the mobile phone, feeding, returning, packaging, and selling and out of the warehouse. The two-dimensional code traceability system can monitor products from the entire industry chain. Once a problematic product is found to enter the market, it can track and trace the source in time, recall the problem product, and avoid harm to consumers, thereby reflecting corporate social responsibility and improving customers. Confidence in product processing enterprises. Two-way traceability from finished products to raw materials The two-dimensional code traceability system reads and identifies various information data of products from raw materials, transportation to sales links, and builds a scientific and efficient traceability system. Cosmetics traceability: raw materials, collection, production, packaging, terminal sales, logistics, quality assurance, inspection, consumer purchases, mobile phone scanning code, display information, safety traceability. Through the strict control and management of the two-dimensional code traceability system, every product that leaves the factory can be traced through the code scanning to trace the production information and raw material information throughout the whole process, so as to complete the traceability of the entire product industry chain. The one-object-one-code traceability system platform identifies each link of the supply chain of cosmetics, including production, processing, storage, transportation, and retail, and links each other to obtain data information at each link. The establishment of the product traceability system has been improved, so that product production records, information can be inquired, flow can be traced, quality can be traced, and responsibilities can be defined. Show the authenticity of the whole process and introduce the authenticity of the detailed information of all links from production, processing, quality inspection, packaging, logistics, etc., to improve trust.
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