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01 - Establish relationship from customer
02 - Communicate with customer for concept of products and requirements
03 - Evaluation and design
04 - Confirm solution with customer
05 - Pricing
06 - Sample
07 - Trial order / quantity order
08 - Market feedback
09 - Product style adjustment / arrange for production
10 - Quantity shipment



All Fullgo products (void security sticker, tamper evident security bag, tamper evident security tape, hologram sticker & self destructive sticker) are produced with Eco-friendly materials. They are lead-free, cadmium-free, mercury-free and non-hexavalent chromium. Fullgo's green products have been sold to over 50 countries and districts all over the world. Here is the text report of our products.

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Test Methods

Measured Equipment(s)


Lead(Pb)IEC 62321:2008 Ed.1 Sec.8ICP-OES2 mg/s
Cadmium(Cd)IEC 62321:2008 Ed.1 Sec.8ICP-OES2 mg/s
Mercury(Hg)IEC 62321:2008 Ed.1 Sec.7ICP-OES2 mg/s
Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI))IEC 62321:2008 Ed.1 Annex CUV-Vis2 mg/s
Polybrominated Biphenyls (Pbbs)IEC 62321:2008 Ed.1 Annex AGC-MS5 mg/s
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs)IEC 62321:2008 Ed.1 Annex AGC-MS5 mg/s



In 2010 Fullgo has passed the ISO9001:2008 certification for our high quality manufacture. Also our products have passed the test of ROHS and SDS. Fullgo strongly thinks the product quality is the company life, if the products with poor quality then can not meet customers' request.


Maybe in a short time we can get orders but after long time we will loss the trust from customers and loss our company reputation. The whole production and support processes are regulated by the highest level of quality and certified as international standard. Quality is the result of clear guidelines and controlled activities, including the minimization of environmental impact. So we establish strict QC department to let our products be with high quality from beginning to the ending.


Fullgo will develop ourselves with strict insistence on quality control, and want to walk this road together with our customers' supervision.


Fullgo is equipped with a special team for R & D and innovation which configured with die-cutting machine, adhesive formulation machine, hot stamping machine, UV full color printing machine, offset presses, etc., with the purpose of developing innovative and practical products to satisfy different demands from different industries. Until now, we have launched several new products which are popular with customers. 


PET void sticker with hologram stamping (picture can be seen in products category) is a more powerful anti counterfeit sticker, which combines the void feature from warranty void security sticker and the hologram feature from hologram sticker. Also we do a lot improvement in hologram sticker, such as,  double channel, embossment and demetalized, with which we can use the sticker more flexible in more other suitable places.


Innovation is the future of an enterprise, we will try our best to offer more products categories to serve better for more industries.



Fullgo offers comprehensive, multi-level professional solutions according to diversified requirements of clients.

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