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Customized anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent the appearance of counterfeit products from the root

by:Fullgo     2022-12-25
Anti-counterfeiting labels are credible. Doing anti-counterfeiting labels for products not only improves the level of products, but also endorses a brand image. One item, one code helps major brands to improve their performance and make publicity faster; there are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels, and there are many kinds of materials. Anti-counterfeiting labels can be made according to the characteristics of the products. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels on brand products can improve the quality of products Grade, the product looks more tall. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels reflects the brand owner's commitment to product quality and responsibility for consumers. Anti-counterfeiting labels are a medium for product traceability, through which manufacturers can be found, and through which products can be queried from production workshops to dealers and The quality of goods can be ensured by the movement trajectory in the hands of consumers. Quickly verify the authenticity of products. For example: digital anti-counterfeiting, to achieve an identity code for the anti-counterfeiting label of a product, each anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once and cannot be transferred. Anti-counterfeiting labels can be customized according to the needs of enterprises to meet the needs of merchants. Labels with anti-counterfeiting effects are made and pasted on product packaging to facilitate consumers to check the authenticity of products. Products in various industries can use anti-counterfeiting labels to resist the market. fakes on. Anti-counterfeiting advantages: It is convenient and quick to scan the code on mobile phones to check the authenticity. It is bound to the official official account of the brand, and has high credibility. Only after anti-counterfeiting can we do a good job in marketing in the later stage. The reputation of the brand often comes from the quality of the product. Have a good reputation, thereby increasing sales. Preventing consumers from buying counterfeit products with anti-counterfeiting labels and regular products is the market leader, which can continue to maintain competitiveness, increase corporate brand reputation, increase product repurchase rate, and easily identify true and false products. Systematically manage products, use anti-counterfeiting labels, and virtually add a QR code number to each product, which is more conducive to the systematic and batch management of the whole process of products from production to sales. Personalized and customized anti-counterfeiting labels, full-chain solutions, complete solutions for management and marketing on the 'code', and coding inside and outside the packaging materials. Anti-counterfeiting technology product anti-counterfeiting identification characteristics and non-transferability. Each anti-counterfeiting label matches the product information. Through the prompt instructions, customers can easily identify the authenticity of the product. The steps of making anti-counterfeiting labels are briefly summarized: shape, label design, printing, coding, silk screen, die-cutting , sub-leaflet.
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