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Customized product anti-smuggling system to record sales and circulation information

by:Fullgo     2022-12-19
Reliable data to avoid cross-selling can accurately grasp the flow of products, understand the operation status, realize the supervision of any link of the entire circulation channel, realize automatic warning of cross-selling, and improve the efficiency of inspection. Improve the efficiency of enterprise management, the establishment of the system is convenient and simple to operate, and the setting functions are complete, which is convenient for enterprises to analyze data and information, better manage enterprise products, and improve work efficiency. Standardize the sales behavior of dealers to ensure the orderly operation of the enterprise brand market. Real-time logistics tracking, mastering all product transportation and sales information, locating the whereabouts of goods, and preventing the phenomenon of cross-selling. Real-time tracking of product circulation information, product management specifications, dealer management, data rights management and other functions, the data background can clearly record the accurate data of each identity information, effectively preventing the phenomenon of smuggling in the market. Aggregate the real-time inventory of dealers to customize the product anti-smuggling system, and complete data collection and correlation in all aspects of product production, transportation, warehousing, and sales, so as to realize the transparency and disclosure of data information from various channels, and help enterprises to accurately combat smuggling behavior. According to the ordering requirements of the lower-level distributors, scan the shipment code and record the product shipment information. The anti-smuggling system is used on products to manage dealers, offline stores, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of manufacturers and consumers. Track the location and flow of products, regulate the market order, and ensure the healthy and stable development of enterprises. The automatic data collection of product in and out warehouse ensures that the enterprise can grasp the product flow direction in time, monitor the whole process data, and track the products. Clearly understand the circulation of products. Scan the QR code on the packing box of the products out of the warehouse, and automatically record the sales area. Through the system, the product prices of agents at all levels can be managed in a unified manner, and the market system can be standardized. Through the logistics code on the product, you can check the distributor information, product flow information, and sales in various regions, control the product flow, control the price system, and prevent smuggling. Real-time data tracking in the distribution link ensures that the product flow is consistent with the sales scope of the dealer, online monitoring of product logistics information, effectively curbs the agent's smuggling of goods, and makes the management more standardized. Data management of products, real-time control of the whereabouts of each product, and real-time query of each link of product circulation through the background. Supervise the flow of products and check the trend of each commodity in real time, which is convenient for enterprises to manage dealers in various places. Supervise the commodity circulation process, control the source, prevent the occurrence of chaos such as smuggling, input information, control the product circulation channels, and prevent smuggling. There are prompts for smuggling goods, so that you can keep abreast of the phenomenon of product smuggling, which is convenient for enterprise supervision and rectification.
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