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Customized traceability system to ensure more accurate control of each link

by:Fullgo     2022-10-26
The intelligent management of standard products starts from the purchase of raw materials and the process of selling them out of the warehouse. Every link involved can be recorded by the traceability code to record its status and process information. The realization principle of the traceability system. The traceability system uses modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, RFID technology/Internet to manage the entire life cycle of commodities from production to sales, so as to ensure product quality. The source of raw materials for product production can be effectively traced, and the production process information can also be directly traced to fully understand the direct whereabouts of the product. These information can facilitate traceability and tracking, and facilitate daily work management. The customized traceability system can facilitate traceability in management work, comprehensive management, effectively improve service quality, promote production capacity, and greatly help improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises can gain more positive influence in future development and competition . The information collection, query and traceability system takes the two-dimensional code as the carrier. Through the two-dimensional code traceability system, enterprises can record the procurement of raw materials, production process, destination, batch, manufacturer, production date and other production, logistics and channel information at any time. code to read the input data. Through the comprehensive processing and analysis of information, it can help enterprises to be more accurate and efficient in product quality control and management. Using the traceability system, it can be traced directly according to the relevant characteristics of the product, and the traceability unit and scope can be determined, as well as related information. Products can be managed from raw material procurement, production and processing, warehouse storage, sales and other links. When users scan the QR code for product traceability, they can see at a glance and clearly understand the 'past life' of the product. So you can buy and use it with confidence. Effective traceability and control In the process of market sales, consumers can directly scan and query the information. If there is a problem with the product quality, they can trace the data according to the data scanned by consumers, so as to increase consumers' trust in the product. Equip the product with a unique ID card, and use the form of one item, one code to collect data on the production information, warehousing information, supplier information, logistics information, and retail information of the product and upload it to the server at any time. Complete product life cycle monitoring. Improve product quality and influence by establishing an enterprise-consumer-government regulatory authority traceability system; by establishing a complete traceability mechanism, make product sources transparent, process open, and traceable; Monitoring and management improve the operational efficiency and quality control capabilities of enterprises.
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