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Daily chemical products establish a marketing system for one item and one code to expand marketing channels

by:Fullgo     2022-10-21
Bring direct sales growth Adopt variable two-dimensional code technology, that is, print a unique two-dimensional code on each item, consumers can directly experience the fun of redemption interaction by scanning the two-dimensional code, and one code for each item is personalized Marketing activities are a very popular form of online marketing and promotional activities today. With the help of one item, one code technology, online and offline are connected. The operating activities can include but are not limited to points activities, red envelope activities, lottery activities, etc., and the anti-counterfeiting traceability function not only shows the process of the product from the production process to the hands of consumers, but also informs consumers of the quality inspection process of this product. Consumers understand this information, and store merchants also understand this information, which invisibly enhances the brand effect of the product. To assist brand owners to achieve terminal promotion, big data can be used to sort out user needs and use fans to design new products. Many participants are the most primitive buying groups, and then open sales channels. Daily chemical products have established a marketing system of one item and one code. Manufacturers can establish a deep connection between manufacturers and consumers by integrating products, red envelopes, distribution, following official accounts, and interactive marketing. Precision Marketing. The system combines multiple functions in one code to realize simultaneous promotion and promotion of enterprises A variety of corporate-related publicity. Providing suitable marketing solutions for enterprises realizes personalized and differentiated marketing with big brands. Big brands can improve their brand control and better maintain and develop the market through digital management and control of channels. The digital engine marketing management platform can help daily chemical brands realize product digital marketing management, and solve the problems of difficult marketing, low sales, low consumer loyalty, and difficult channel management. After the event is launched, check the scan code data in the background in real time, analyze the hot-selling area (store), hot-selling period, hot-selling model and other data of the manufacturer's products, adjust the marketing strategy in time according to the data, and improve the marketing effect. One item, one code runs through every link of the entire supply chain, connects consumers, and through the one item, one code technology, helps brand owners to seamlessly connect channel providers, offline terminals, and consumers, and precipitate real and high-value behaviors, transactions, and scenarios. data to feed back brand decisions.
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