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Dairy products anti-smuggling system, to prevent all levels of channel smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-11-30
The management and control of inbound and outbound management channels at all levels can send relevant commodity, logistics, sales and other data information to merchants, record the detailed information of logistics operations, and provide a data basis for product anti-smuggling, query and analysis of logistics information. The occurrence of smuggling can be monitored, so that brands can effectively take anti-smuggling measures, realize one piece, one code, and collect and track data in the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection and consumption of products. Tracking the logistics direction of goods in various places, controlling the whereabouts of products, and preventing smuggling of goods can prevent agents from smuggling goods, maintain brand safety, and protect the interests of consumers. Record product sales and circulation information, timely and accurately understand the situation of products in the market, and provide a certain basis for corporate decision-making through data analysis. Provide the benefits of using anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling labels for market audit dairy products: combat counterfeiters, verify the authenticity of products, and enhance reputation and loyalty. It can track the flow of goods and update the information in each link of the output. Through the one-item-one-code two-dimensional code technology, the information of products entering and leaving the warehouse is recorded, and the whole process of product circulation channels is controlled; the supervision of each production link has been strengthened, and the channel control ability of brand owners has been improved. The anti-smuggling system solution inputs product information, grasps the product flow, binds the data information to the system background, and can monitor all product circulation information. The anti-smuggling system can also control product data statistics, order management, warehouse management, and logistics information. To ensure the harmonious operation of the entire sales system, one item, one code, one-to-one information monitoring records for identification codes, precise control of each product, and accurate tracking of the flow of each product and the agent's purchase and delivery behavior. Enterprises can use the method of multi-warehouse management to manage goods hopping, and the method of multi-warehouse management can build warehouses in the area they want to sell, which can not only improve the efficiency of shipping, but also better manage goods hopping. Dairy products anti-smuggling system, realizes digital + intelligent anti-smuggling management functions, empowers brands, automatic warning of enterprise product smuggling, automatic generation of reports on smuggling data, and an information-based traceability management model for the entire production and sales chain. It can prevent dealers from smuggling goods, real-time logistics tracking, and understand the flow information of various products and the sales information of products in various channels of dealers. For cross-selling inquiries, market inspectors can scan the QR code to clearly view product information and circulation records, and realize anti-smuggling control.
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