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Dairy RFID anti-counterfeiting, avoid being counterfeited by counterfeiters

by:Fullgo     2023-02-02
Quickly distinguish genuine from fake Merchants help consumers quickly identify genuine and fake products by customizing RFID electronic anti-counterfeiting labels for branded dairy products and avoid buying fake products. The system generates a QR code traceability identification, the information can be viewed, and product traceability management is realized. Choosing a professional and effective anti-counterfeiting technology can effectively ensure the safety of products and maintain a fair and orderly market. After dairy enterprises use RFID tags for anti-counterfeiting, they can protect product brands, facilitate customers to check the authenticity of products, and allow enterprises to trace and manage products, which is more efficient and convenient. RFID tags have high anti-counterfeiting technology, which can reduce the phenomenon of counterfeiting, and is more conducive to protecting the rights and interests of customers. Brand products are used for anti-counterfeiting purposes to reduce counterfeit goods, check the authenticity of goods, combat counterfeiters, and establish a good brand image. Display the brand value so that the anti-counterfeiting mark of each product corresponds to the ID code, and each anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once and cannot be reused to avoid using it on counterfeit goods. All-round empowerment can reduce internal and external control costs for enterprises, enhance credit and quality, enhance the added value of enterprise products, maintain market competition order, and escort enterprise branding. Anti-counterfeiting labels are not only a tool for protecting products and verifying commodities, but also an image symbol to enhance brand awareness, and also an identity code for commodities. RFID anti-counterfeiting technology is used in dairy products to realize anti-counterfeiting of brand products, protect consumers, and maintain the brand reputation of manufacturers, effectively solve the phenomenon of counterfeiting, and maintain the normal order of the market. Encrypted logo protection brand Through RFID anti-counterfeiting labels, multiple targets have been clearly controlled, identified, and effective, and the efficiency of data collection has been improved. It helps to improve the consumer experience and the product reliability of the finished product supply chain. Through the application of RFID supply chain management, it can effectively solve the problems of product smuggling and counterfeiting. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels and assigning data information to each product can help consumers easily identify the authenticity of products, safeguard the interests of merchants, reduce counterfeit goods, and prevent counterfeiting. RFID anti-counterfeiting labels are used on dairy products to quickly identify the true and false. By giving each RFID electronic unique data information, combined with the anti-counterfeiting system, the mobile phone can scan the code to check the authenticity. It can effectively improve the public credibility of well-known brand products, and the use of anti-counterfeiting labels can also effectively prevent counterfeiters from selling in the market, creating a harmonious brand dairy sales market.
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