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Detailed explanation of the anti-smuggling management system to effectively manage and control the problem of smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-12-29
Introduction: At this stage, the problem of fake goods and fake goods frequently occurs, and it is necessary for brand owners to take countermeasures, so as to increase product sales and enhance brand awareness; Shanghai Zhongshang Network Anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system can be used for products to solve the problem. The problem of counterfeiting and smuggling can protect the interests of the company and protect the rights and interests of customers. Manage product data The commodity anti-smuggling system realizes the automatic collection of data, and uploads the consumer's consumption information data to the anti-smuggling system. The anti-smuggling system reduces cumbersome operations and increases work efficiency. The development of anti-smuggling management system helps enterprises to achieve systematic management of each product by assigning each product an exclusive QR code identification, and combining the QR code with the anti-smuggling system. Supervise the flow of products, check the trend of each commodity in real time, facilitate the management of dealers in various places, prevent agents from smuggling goods, check the whereabouts of products anytime and anywhere, stabilize the market order, and manage dealers in a unified manner. It is clear at a glance whether there is smuggling behavior. Apply one item, one code to the product, and establish a unique 'ID card' for each product, so that the entire life cycle of the product can be traced, and product anti-counterfeiting protection can be realized. Can carry out channel control and subdivide distribution to all levels. Once problems are found, they can be held accountable to the responsible persons at all levels to improve in time and enhance the supervision of distribution channels. The detailed explanation of the anti-smuggling management system enables the headquarters to supervise all agents, superiors to supervise all subordinate agents, and real-time monitoring of product flow to prevent cross-selling events; combined with product anti-counterfeiting functions, improve the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system, involving QR code anti-counterfeiting labels , collector. You can view the product flow information and anti-smuggling system solutions, designate product sales areas, accurately inquire about smuggling, standardize the enterprise market, and develop the enterprise market in a healthy way. Real-time logistics tracking, master the flow information of each product and product sales information of distributors in various channels, and conduct targeted management of product circulation through big data early warning. Bind the logistics tracking code, check the whereabouts of the product in real time, if there is a smuggling, check the information of the smuggling in time, know the batch of the smuggling, and realize the anti-smuggling control. The QR code records the in-out and out-of-warehouse information of products, and controls the whole process of product circulation channels, which can support and control the whereabouts of products in real time, understand the sales situation of local agents, and supervise and control in real time.
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