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Detailed explanation of the traceability marketing function of the product traceability system - Industry News - Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-18
With the prevalence of the global purchase model, product quality and safety problems frequently occur. In order to reduce the occurrence of these problems, enterprises, governments and consumers have agreed to add a product traceability system to products, so that the source of the product can be traced, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be traced. The risk is controllable. Not only that, but businesses can also add marketing capabilities with the help of a product traceability system. Let's take a closer look at the functional system of the product traceability system. Product traceability system functions: 1. One item, one code, unique identification of the product: The platform assigns a unique 'identity card' to each smallest packaged product in a flat shot according to a unified coding mechanism, including registration information such as product name, manufacturer, regulations, etc. And provide a variety of activation methods. 2. Flow traceability: The platform accepts the product flow information collected by various enterprises in the warehousing or warehousing process. Relying on powerful big data storage and processing capabilities, it can timely track and trace the product's entire life cycle, and accurately ensure that the source can be checked. Where to go. 3. Open public inquiry services to support product authenticity verification and traceability: the platform provides mobile APP, web pages, phone calls, SMS and other inquiry channels, and also opens public inquiry standard interfaces to third-party social applications to provide consumers with product authenticity verification and verification. Traceability services to achieve brand protection. Marketing value-added services: 1. Consumer reach: Use products as self-media, connect consumers and brand owners through traceability codes, reach consumers in a variety of forms, and convey their own brand stories to more consumers, so that brands can Businesses get more membership users. 2. Establishment of membership system: Through big data analysis, the statistical information such as scanning location, frequency, category, etc. will be fed back to brand owners, which is convenient for brand owners to manage members. 3. Consumer segmentation: By recording and analyzing consumption data, brand communication is more accurate and efficient. 4. Brand promotion: Enterprises can attach enterprise information to the traceability query page, and can also realize the docking with the WeChat public account, so that consumers can pay attention to the official account of the enterprise, so as to achieve the effect of brand promotion. 5. Consumer education: Through thematic implantation, theme activities, member interaction, online consultation and other means, spread the information that consumers expect to understand such as brand culture, product knowledge, and marketing activities to consumers, creating more opportunities for brand owners. Loyal customers. 6. Precise marketing: Based on user usage scenarios, use big data analysis to target target groups, combine red envelopes, vouchers, points and other marketing tools to continuously innovate gameplay and applications to achieve better marketing effects at a lower cost. Articles and pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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