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Digital marketing is one thing, one code, and omni-channel reach

by:Fullgo     2023-01-17
The value chain is integrated with one item, one code marketing technology. Consumers can directly and indirectly receive red envelopes and physical prizes by scanning the code, which increases users' recognition of product brands and consumption viscosity, which not only improves product sales terminals, but also allows repeat purchases. rate increased. It is possible to understand product sales in real time through one item, one code marketing data, so that the marketing funds of manufacturers and brands can directly reach consumers. Marketing activities, layout online scenes, extensive publicity, scan the code to see the source information of the product, marketing activities encourage participation in it naturally. Digital marketing can obtain a large amount of consumer data with one item and one code. Red envelopes have become a bridge for direct communication between manufacturers and consumers. Through data collection, sorting and analysis, the specific characteristics of product consumer groups can be seen. Big data analysis can optimize marketing plans. Provide more valuable services to interact with personalized marketing scenarios, encourage consumers to understand product and corporate information, and be willing to carry out secondary communication, enhance customer recognition and satisfaction of product brands, and expand brand promotion. Participate in promotional activities and receive random cash red envelopes to ensure the real promotion of the promotion; and the activity settings are bound with the dealer salesman. After the terminal store receiver scans the code to confirm the receipt, the salesperson can receive the corresponding reward. One item, one code marketing collects data from terminal retailers, allowing companies to quickly understand the marketing situation, formulate marketing strategies, and increase product sales. Improve customer repurchase rate, enhance customer stickiness, increase brand exposure, and empower brand owners to operate. Improve the mobile sales rate of the terminal, strengthen the brand influence at each key touchpoint of the consumer shopping journey, promote the rapid decision-making and conversion of users, and improve the efficiency and effect of marketing. One product, one code marketing application, transforming product sales into marketing methods, catering to the development of the times, establishing brand prestige, and strengthening consumers' loyalty to the brand. It can make all business behaviors and terminal behaviors become recordable data, and realize the subversive optimization and upgrade of the entire marketing system through the entire data exchange. Consumers can scan the QR code after purchase through packaging and product QR codes (one code for one item), and directly deliver flexible and customizable marketing programs such as cash red envelopes, lottery draws, and games. Through digitalization, brand owners track the behavior chain of consumers' shopping journey, and will continue to provide enterprises with digital marketing product support and overall digital marketing solutions.
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