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Does the anti-smuggling system work? Data can be viewed in real time

by:Fullgo     2023-02-10
Eliminate the occurrence of smuggling goods. Through high-tech, commodities can be interlocked in the circulation process. Through the use of QR code as a medium, we can clearly understand the trend of each commodity, and prevent the appearance of counterfeit goods and smuggling goods. Brand. Taking the QR code label as the carrier, through the use of one item one code technology, it can realize online monitoring of products, accurately track the flow of each product, collect the circulation information of products in various industries, and provide data support for the market management of enterprises. The system enters the product and dealer information, and the data-based system for step-by-step delivery helps merchants maintain their brand reputation. One item, one code, one-to-one information monitoring record of identification code, precise control of each product, and accurate tracking of the flow of each product and the behavior of agents' purchase and delivery. Precise management and control of distribution channels By assigning codes to products, it helps channel management to achieve integrated operations, and tracks and records the entire process of its products, allowing merchants to find out the problem of smuggling in time. Each agent has the authorization certificate of the merchant, and the official channel acts as an agent for commodities. Subordinate agents can manage subordinate agents through the mobile terminal. The electronic authorization certificate is granted to subordinates by the superior, which is convenient for the unified management of the merchant platform and the development of subordinate agents. Does the anti-smuggling system work? Answer: The anti-smuggling system mainly uses the QR code label as the carrier to give each product an exclusive anti-counterfeiting mark. Later, by scanning the anti-smuggling code, you can know the information of the product, track the flow of the product, and realize the protection of the product. Track and manage. The sales area of ​​reverse inspection and tracking of commodities makes a code for each product of the enterprise, and manages the detailed information of the commodity and the identity code of the product in a unified manner, so as to realize the real-time monitoring and management of the in and out of the product. The anti-smuggling system can play a very important role in real-time monitoring, management and early warning of product circulation, monitoring of channel circulation and distribution behavior at all levels, and real-time control of product circulation; through the system, enterprises can effectively grasp the market for products. The situation of circulation enables the products to be sold in a standardized manner in the designated area of ​​​​the enterprise. Accurate collection of automatic data of product delivery and warehousing ensures that enterprises can grasp the direction of product flow in a timely manner, monitor the whole process of data, and track products. The anti-smuggling system uses variable two-dimensional code technology to realize the integration of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, anti-smuggling, and award-winning marketing functions through two-dimensional code labels, label assignments, and laser online assignments.
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