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Dog food quality traceability, whole-process visual traceability control

by:Fullgo     2022-10-16
The supply chain is completely transparent and the quality of dog food can be traced. For every product that leaves the factory, the production information and raw material information can be traced through the whole process of scanning the code. Consumers can scan the QR code to understand a series of information such as the production location and circulation of the product. In the application of the one-item-one-code traceability system, each product is equipped with a traceability label. Later, you can scan the traceability code to understand product information, track product flow, and realize product traceability management; product traceability information collection, information transmission, Information processing, information query. Establish a digital traceability system for products, achieve quality control, effectively supervise channels, collect user data, and facilitate precise marketing and cost savings for enterprises; scan the QR code on the traceability label through a mobile terminal to clearly understand the origin of the product, processing companies, and logistics channels , terminal sales, etc. Improve the level of enterprise informatization and trace the quality of dog food. Through the establishment of complete consumer files, through member consumption management, product quality and after-sales service are tracked, so that enterprises can accurately understand and judge the quality of products and user feedback. Production line coding is aimed at manufacturing enterprises of various products. It adopts software and hardware integration technologies such as traceability systems, automatic coding equipment, industrial control systems, intelligent visual recognition, and defective rejection to establish a code corresponding to each product for each product. Improve the transparency of the supply chain, improve the efficiency of the supply chain, can quickly locate problem products, maintain corporate reputation, and establish brand image and popularity; Statistical analysis of quality reasons such as rework, abnormality, and substandard quality can improve product quality. To ensure product quality, the after-sales service of the product traceability system can reach consumers and withdraw from the market. At this time, consumers can scan the QR code to query the traceability information, and can also give feedback and complaints according to the usage. It can understand the product information of the enterprise, play the role of publicizing the enterprise, speed up the communication of the enterprise brand, and provide various functions such as online generation, management, and after-sales service. The product traceability system provides enterprises with personalized commodity information customization services, and provides simple and easy-to-use traceability labels; the product traceability system can realize the traceability of products from the source to the processing and circulation process. Realize the retrieval of basic product information (such as authenticity, production date, production place, etc.) and query of product information, and improve consumers' loyal consumption of brand products.
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