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Drug anti-smuggling system, management of inbound and outbound storage

by:Fullgo     2023-01-11
Real-time monitoring of sales By assigning codes on commodity packaging, and through data collection and input, it is possible to monitor commodity logistics information, provide early warning information for commodity smuggling, and realize the monitoring of commodity smuggling. After each product has the QR code anti-counterfeiting identification information, all the circulation information of the product can be monitored through the anti-smuggling system, and specific information will be recorded from the product to the end customer. The deep meaning of anti-smuggling is to prevent items from being sold, to prevent damage to the development of the company's interests, to maintain the brand reputation of the company, and to solve the problem of cross-selling. Drug anti-smuggling system, an overall solution for digital transformation and upgrading of the industry, one item, one code, anti-counterfeiting traceability, logistics control, terminal boosting, precision marketing, and smart retail. Establish a hierarchical network of dealers. Enterprises can inquire independently. If the product is sold out, the system will also actively prompt the company in which region, which batch, and which dealer has the wrong product. The company can manage the dealer team based on this information. . The customer scans the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling QR code on the mobile phone to check the authenticity of the product and the status of the dealer, to determine whether the product's sales channel is normal (whether there is cross-selling), and quickly and simply realize the relationship between the first, second, and third levels of product packaging online. . The anti-smuggling system can realize online real-time monitoring of smuggling goods by entering the information of dealers, setting and limiting their sales commodities and sales areas, and managing the inbound and outbound goods through logistics codes. information. The establishment of enterprise anti-smuggling big data through the system can allow enterprises to avoid squeezing inventory, allowing various regions to adjust, exchange, and return goods at any time; record the flow of products when products are out of the warehouse. Through the anti-smuggling system, the management and control functions of channel agents such as channel agent management, early warning and inspection, etc. are realized; various problems of smuggling and disordered prices of enterprise products are maintained, and the sales market of brand products is maintained. The anti-smuggling system makes it nowhere to hide. The combination of the anti-smuggling system and the anti-counterfeiting QR code greatly improves the efficiency and the data feedback is very accurate. The backend of the system can view detailed data reports and distribute the sales situation in various places, so as to formulate different sales plans according to different regions. By using the anti-smuggling system to monitor medicines, you can check the sales of products in various regions, monitor the flow of products, and achieve anti-smuggling management. The supplier of the anti-smuggling system, Shanghai Zhongshang Network, realizes automatic warning of smuggling goods, data analysis of smuggling goods, and realizes the information management of products from production to supply chain.
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