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Drug traceability management, establishing product data from the source of production

by:Fullgo     2023-01-11
To ensure the quality and reliability of the drug traceability system, through the application of one item, one code technology, the production line is transformed to implement traceability, and the maintenance and management of product information, quality inspection information, and batch traceability information, so that traceability information can be visualized in its WeChat public account. Provide effective product quality and safety supervision and management mechanisms and means for enterprise governments; help enterprises establish brands, promote local economies, and consumers obtain real product safety. Through artificial intelligence identification and automatic collection of label information, an outer packaging label library is established to accurately manage products. It can realize the information of the whole process of drug production and distribution on the chain, and the whole chain can be traced credibly; the circulation of the whole chain can be displayed, queried, and traceable, so that the source can be checked and the destination can be traced. It can independently control all aspects of production, packaging, sales, etc.; from raw materials to finished products, from production lines to consumers, helping enterprises to achieve traceability and tracking management of the entire product chain. Integrate product management and traceability system for drug use, collect and store the whole process information of production, supply and sales with traceable source code, and provide consumers, regulatory authorities, and traceability enterprises to inquire and access at any time. Smart new retail, circulation traceability, market anti-smuggling, product production process traceability, production management and other functions, that is, to realize the digital traceability management function of the whole process, all products, all user groups, and all application scenarios. By assigning codes to drugs, the whole process of forward tracking from raw material supply, finished product packaging, circulation to sales is realized; at the same time, reverse backtracking is performed, and the source of production and raw material suppliers of the product can be understood by scanning the code. The traceability control of the entire production and sales process cuts into the concept of anti-counterfeiting traceability + anti-smuggling + mobile marketing. While tracing product production links and sales areas, you can also understand all the product information of the company, which plays a role in promoting the brand and accelerating the business spread of the company. Carry out precise recalls based on batches, accurately track the sales dynamics of problematic products, remove them from shelves and recall them in a timely manner, and avoid large-scale blind recalls of the entire brand. Scanning the QR code of drugs can query the traceability information of each link, identify the true and false, protect the rights and interests of consumers, and deepen the trust in the brand. Drug traceability management, through the collection of relevant data of products in production, processing, warehousing, logistics and other links, to establish a visual product information database covering all stages from primary to deep processing, to fully display product safety and quality-related information to consumers, and to achieve from Two-way traceability of raw materials to terminal stores. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading One item, one code marketing management to help product sales increase What is the use value of one item, one code marketing? Open online and offline
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