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Electrical anti-counterfeiting label solutions to maintain corporate image and reputation

by:Fullgo     2022-10-15
The anti-counterfeiting solution for one item, one code is avoided. Through one item and one code, anti-smuggling, anti-counterfeiting inquiry, and traceability are implemented to realize the whole life cycle information management of product production, sales, circulation, and service. Brand product anti-counterfeiting labels can reduce the anti-counterfeiting cost of enterprises, play the role of advertising, prove the authenticity of product information, increase product selling points, crack down on counterfeiters, check product authenticity, purify the market, improve corporate reputation, and allow consumers to easily identify Goods are fake. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels shows the brand owner's attitude towards ensuring product quality and being responsible to consumers. Anti-counterfeiting labels are a medium for product traceability. Through it, the manufacturer can be found, and through it, the product can be inquired from the production workshop to the dealer. As well as the trajectory of the movement to the consumer, the quality of the product can be guaranteed. Maintain the company's interests and use labels to prevent counterfeiting of products. By customizing anti-counterfeiting labels for products, ensure that each product has a label with only data information, and it is not repeated, so as to realize the anti-counterfeiting of brand electrical appliances. The anti-counterfeiting technology is integrated into the label. Before the product leaves the factory, each product is affixed with an encrypted anti-counterfeiting label, which distinguishes genuine and fake products, helps brand merchants to fight counterfeiting, protects the rights and interests of both parties, and is persuasive, and consumers will trust the brand. Brand products use anti-counterfeiting labels, consumers can easily check the authenticity, and it is easier to gain customers' trust in the brand. The electrical anti-counterfeiting label solution has many anti-counterfeiting functions and strong functions. The anti-counterfeiting information includes not only the digital information of the anti-counterfeiting code, but also the color information of the anti-counterfeiting code, as well as the characteristics of various information, completing multiple anti-counterfeiting. Protect the interests of brands and consumers, prevent counterfeiting and traceability of electrical appliances, control the logistics and warehousing of production and transportation at the source, and form a cross-equipment, cross-system, cross-factory, and cross-region interconnected packaging industry chain, thereby improving efficiency and promoting the wisdom of the entire packaging service system change. The anti-counterfeiting label on the product has technical characteristics that cannot be copied, so customizing the anti-counterfeiting label for the enterprise brand product increases the difficulty of forgery by criminals. Each product has a unique anti-counterfeiting code, which is encrypted and cannot be copied or cracked. Anti-counterfeiting labels play the role of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, and can play an anti-counterfeiting effect; from a technical point of view, it can be anti-counterfeiting, provided that the authenticity of the product can be checked. Anti-counterfeiting advantages: It is convenient and quick to scan the code on the mobile phone to check the authenticity, and it is bound to the official public account of the brand, with high credibility.
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