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Electronic product anti-smuggling system solutions, product sales information supervision records

by:Fullgo     2022-10-14
Clearly know the whereabouts of the products and understand the operation status, realize the supervision of all links of the entire circulation channel, and prevent cross-regional goods. Realize the whole-process monitoring of products, help enterprises maintain market order, and grasp market trends in a timely manner. The anti-smuggling system applies information interconnection technology to provide logistics codes for commodities, enabling enterprises to track the flow of commodities and record product sales and circulation information; through data analysis, enterprises can timely and accurately understand the product situation in the market. Record and track the information of the circulation, sales and other links of each product, so as to accurately track the products that are sold out, and know the situation of the products that are sold out at the first time, which is convenient for management and control. You can check the whereabouts of products anytime and anywhere, and monitor the sales in various regions in real time, thus avoiding channel merchants scurrying. Realize the vertical management of distribution channels and assign codes to each commodity individually, and the delivery personnel can grasp the inventory and distribution process information of the goods by scanning the related distribution information in the distribution and delivery link. Bind the product logistics tracking code, check the whereabouts of the product in real time, if there is a smuggling, check the information of the smuggling in time, know the batch of the smuggling, and realize the anti-smuggling control. Electronic product anti-smuggling system solution, establish one-to-one data association, sub-regional data management, and manage related sets of codes by labeling each product, box, and pallet. Establish data association with packaging and boxes, scan codes for confirmation in product delivery, warehousing, sales and other links, and the background system collects and summarizes product sales time, quantity, location and other data in real time, and forms analysis reports to help enterprises better Grasp product flow, inventory and sales status. Obtain the tracking of product delivery information Accurately grasp the information of products, warehouses, distributors, consumers and other links, establish an intelligent data system, realize automatic early warning of stolen goods, and improve the efficiency of inspection. Complete data collection and correlation in all links such as product transportation, warehousing, and sales, and realize the transparency and disclosure of data information from various channels, helping enterprises to accurately combat smuggling behavior. Informatization management of goods, packaging and coding, data collection and correlation during transportation, monitoring and management of product circulation in channels, and easy handling of product smuggling. Clear the product circulation situation, detect the products that are smuggled in time, monitor the flow of each product through multi-code association, prevent local agents from selling products, safeguard the interests of each dealer, and safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises.
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