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Establish a product quality traceability system to ensure the reliability of product quality

by:Fullgo     2023-01-19
It can be seen that the transparent manufacturing process can better protect the rights and interests of consumers, prevent product quality problems, enhance the brand image of the company, and be conducive to corporate brand promotion. The traceability system uses information technology to track and record the production, circulation, consumption and other links of commodities, and implement information management. Establish a product quality traceability system to help consumers see the transparent manufacturing process, standardize the production process of enterprise products, and trace the entire cycle. The product traceability system applies the one-object-one-code technology, which greatly improves the management efficiency and automation level of product traceability information, and strengthens the development and utilization of existing product information data, updates the reading and tracing terminal equipment, upgrades network technology, establishes a database, and improves The whole chain traceability system construction of products from manufacturing to production. To meet the relevant regulatory traceability requirements, the rapid collection and summary of key information such as product formula ingredients, supply of raw and auxiliary materials, product production batches, relevant responsible personnel, product inspection, and sales whereabouts are realized. Through the strict control and management of the traceability system, the production information and raw material information can be traced through the whole process of scanning and tracing for every product that leaves the factory, so as to truly achieve lean production management. The management of each link of the product is traceable throughout the whole process, which can improve the digitalization of products for enterprises, facilitate product tracking management, and check the source to ensure the transparency and visualization of product information. Improve product quality, protect high-end brands, prevent counterfeiting, and prevent miscellaneous brands from damaging brand reputation, so that consumers can check the authenticity of the brand, the brand is trustworthy, the whole process is tracked, and the product quality is controllable. Improve management efficiency and brand value traceability system From raw materials to finished products, it can trace every link of production, and complete the construction of an intelligent two-dimensional code traceability system in the production process. Manufacturing enterprises have built a one-object-one-code traceability system to track production information and raw material information, so as to achieve lean production management, so that regulatory authorities and consumers can view product information. Taking traceability as the starting point, we can effectively improve the digital level of the whole process of the enterprise, so that the brand trust can be continuously improved on the basis of products, the premium ability of products can be improved, and product quality can be guaranteed! The quality traceability system is used to collect information on all aspects of the product, manage the information of products entering and leaving the warehouse, and record the raw materials, production, processing, storage, transportation, sales and other information of products, making it more convenient for enterprises to manage products.
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