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Features of anti-smuggling system, control the flow of products at any time

by:Fullgo     2023-02-10
Prevent dealers from smuggling goods and realize the whole process of digital management of products. Through the systematic supervision of the flow of products, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, improve the brand image of the enterprise, protect the interests of the enterprise, and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Using the label as the carrier to combine with the enterprise anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system, one object, one code, one-to-one information monitoring record of identification code, precise control of each product, can accurately track the flow of each product and the purchase and delivery of agents by agents. Behavior. The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system gives the product an exclusive logo through the one-item-one-code technology, and records the production process in the exclusive logo. Consumers can scan the two-dimensional code to understand the circulation process of each product. It can prevent market smuggling behavior. The basic skills of information query and statistics anti-smuggling system, there are early warnings for smuggling goods, automatic generation of smuggling data reports, dealer management, inbound and outbound management, scanning code out of the warehouse, correlation, logistics tracking, and fraudulent goods inspection. Through the application of new technologies into the traceability and anti-smuggling system, the information of commodity circulation, production and sales information can be interconnected, so that enterprises and consumers can track the information of commodity circulation, and prevent the appearance of counterfeit goods from the root. The anti-smuggling system strengthens the supervision of each production link and improves the channel control ability of brand owners. The characteristics of the anti-smuggling system, combined with the anti-smuggling management, record and track the flow of products by scanning the QR code, and monitor the circulation of products. It can carry out step-by-step logistics tracking to help enterprise personnel record the production line in real-time operation, customers include material transportation, production control, delivery, from recording function inspection and other goods, use management, and improve production efficiency. The real-time inventory of dealers, sales status, sales details, product in and out of warehouses and other information are summarized to realize the management and control of agent behavior, so as to grasp the market dynamics. The anti-smuggling system has a powerful anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling function, and merchants can quickly find out the problem through the scanning information of consumers. Give the product a digital 'ID card', so that the enterprise can achieve overall control over the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics, consumption and other links of the product. The anti-smuggling system manages the related sets of codes by labeling each product and pallet; the system enters the logistics information of the product, which is convenient for inquiries at any time.
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