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First illusion of anti-counterfeiting principle, complete brand product anti-counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2023-01-26
First magic anti-counterfeiting principle 1. Because of technology, the product digital 'ID card' can only be effectively queried once, unlike the 'same' military information anti-counterfeiting encryption algorithm. 2. Give each product one item, one code, variable data without repetition, CCN algorithm + database 'double verification' provides the most reliable guarantee. Image recognition; if the image below is dark, the a priori film can change color with the angle. 4. The product uses anti-counterfeiting labels to safeguard the interests of the enterprise, establish the brand image, and ensure the rights and interests of customers. The use of multi-channel anti-counterfeiting inquiry does not require any professional help Anti-counterfeiting tools. 5. Fully automatic coding system and advanced quality inspection equipment to ensure the quality of labels with anti-counterfeiting technology and build brand image. Zhongshang Network first uses anti-counterfeiting technology to help companies increase product sales. 6. Combination of labels and anti-counterfeiting technology , has the effect of anti-counterfeiting; the anti-counterfeiting code corresponds to the product, and the anti-counterfeiting label is attached to the outer packaging of the product, and customers only need to scan the label to know the authenticity of the product. 7. Application: The anti-counterfeiting label has both QR code marketing , anti-smuggling, traceability functions, and also has physical anti-counterfeiting identifiable by mobile phone screen illumination, which perfectly solves the shortcomings of easy copying and no anti-counterfeiting. 8. Anti-counterfeiting customization and planning solutions, anti-counterfeiting label security control solutions, anti-counterfeiting verification and identification, counterfeit research services, help fight counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting service operation, comprehensive and efficient curb the circulation of counterfeit products. 9. Features: a wonderful LCD anti-counterfeiting solution with double-sided invisible pattern effect, which can be identified by mobile phone screen. Mobile screen illumination can be observed Clear hidden information, rotate the mobile screen, and the hidden information will switch between Yin and Yang. 10. It has a double-sided invisible picture effect and can be identified by the mobile phone screen. The wonderful LCD anti-counterfeiting technology; this anti-counterfeiting technology has both QR code marketing, anti-smuggling and traceability It also has physical anti-counterfeiting identifiable by the mobile phone screen. 11. Customized comprehensive solutions for anti-counterfeiting traceability, anti-smuggling, digital marketing, and big data applications for enterprises. The product identity you trust in China Business Network Management platform, physical anti-counterfeiting + digital anti-counterfeiting + anti-counterfeiting service operation. 12. Technology: The priori film itself is translucent, which does not affect the recognition of images and texts. Screen illumination can observe clear hidden information, rotate the screen of the mobile phone, and the hidden information will switch between Yin and Yang.
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