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Fleeing goods management experts take you to understand the causes of fugitive goods-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-13
I believe there is no need for the editor to say more, everyone is already well aware of the dangers of smuggling. Some friends hate the phenomenon of smuggling, but they don’t know how to solve it. Therefore, an anti-smuggling management system has emerged to cater to people. This system has a strict management system for smuggling goods and smuggling management regulations. Today, experts in anti-smuggling goods management will introduce the causes of smuggling goods to you. 1. The management and management of price difference anti-smuggling goods believes that one of the reasons for the occurrence of cross-selling goods is the control problem of the price system of production enterprises, that is, the price difference is too large: there are mainly the following price differences, which lead to the following operation space: between different regions, different seasons There is a large price difference between them, which causes some agents to stock up a lot of goods in the off-season. After the price increase, he will ship at a low price instead of making a moral profit, so that the agent has an opportunity to operate the price.   2. Improper sales management policy Under the pressure of high annual sales target and task, the distributors, regional sales managers and salesmen are all under great pressure, and they can only sell goods together. As far as anti-smuggling management experts know, there are even some agents who discount smuggling. In order to complete sales tasks and personal performance at the end of the year, the way to cash out as soon as possible must be to sell goods at low prices.   3. Agents, dealers and salesmen lack integrity According to the knowledge of anti-smuggling management experts, many people want to get something for nothing and rob others of their interests. Business units and salesmen are discredited, lack integrity, and lack professional ethics. Just get the profit, and don't hesitate to lower the shipping price, and sell it to other places (especially the areas with large sales volume and good terminal promotion). When the financial difficulties need to be cashed out, they will dump at low prices, which is also the common cause of smuggling in the opinion of anti-smuggling management experts. The above is the reason for the existence of the phenomenon of smuggling, which is summarized by the anti-smuggling management experts. After reading it, have you already hated the phenomenon of smuggling? After all, it will cause damage to the company's interests and brand image. Affected, it is necessary for everyone to use the anti-smuggling system to stop the phenomenon of smuggling according to the above reasons.
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