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FMCG anti-smuggling system, precise control of channels

by:Fullgo     2022-12-19
Product logistics management supervises local distributors, controls the flow of products, and continuously controls the stable development of products. Even if there is a smuggling of goods, it is convenient for enterprises to find the location of the smuggling goods and prevent the distributors from smuggling the goods. Through the empowerment of the QR code of the product logistics sleeve, the logistics information of the product can be monitored, and the QR code label on the product can realize the anti-counterfeiting marketing function. Cargo warning information. Enterprises can effectively monitor the phenomenon of smuggling, and can also obtain user data information through marketing activities. The FMCG anti-smuggling system protects the rights and interests of dealers and consumers in the market, allows more interests to directly reach key people, realizes a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win, and makes one item, one code generate greater value. In the whole process of tracking, once the goods are scanned in different places, after setting a certain threshold, an early warning prompt will be given according to the settings to help manufacturers carry out data and visual management. Dealer data monitoring, through the logistics code delivery, you can check the receipt and delivery status of each dealer, and through the consumer scan code data, you can understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels, and the inventory data is displayed in real time. The use of anti-smuggling system can help enterprises to conduct unified management in multiple dealers, check the flow of FMCG, track product flow throughout the process, and achieve full life cycle management of production, sales, circulation, and service. Accurate channel management and control of product circulation Obtain evidence through market supervision, consumer-assisted inspection, various forms of monitoring, and the phenomenon of distributors at all levels, helping enterprises to do a good job in circulation control and grasp the whole process of product whereabouts. Through labeling and coding, each box and each product are given a unique product identification (QR code), which provides basic conditions for anti-smuggling, traceability, marketing, and anti-counterfeiting solutions. Through the information input of the dealer's anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling management system, product circulation, logistics and commercial channels can be accurately controlled to achieve product anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling. It can prevent, control, manage, supervise, control and deal with the phenomenon of cross-selling. The anti-smuggling system is to give each product an identity during production, that is, a QR code label, assign a unique identity code to each fast-moving consumer product, and record the product information code in the information platform in detail. The corresponding dealer information is detailed and accurate.
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