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FMCG conducts one item, one code marketing to realize the privatization of user assets

by:Fullgo     2022-10-24
Expand Influence One QR code scans all application entrances, offline drainage online; users can simultaneously understand product details, enter the official mall, follow the official account, and redeem points by scanning the QR code on the product. FMCG marketing has obvious advantages in terms of brand protection, product standardization, efficient management, rapid realization, and convenient use. The data collected from each channel has a strong dimension, and the data between channels, terminals, and consumers are connected in series. The data obtained by the QR code marketing system can greatly improve the repeat purchase rate and the effect of dynamic sales through big data analysis. Promotional merchants can make targeted and precise layouts for different products, regions, consumer groups and consumption scenarios, so as to Realize precise promotion. High touch to expand the product market Scan the QR code multiple times to unlock different rewards, share to help win big prizes, receive online shopping coupons for offline consumption, and online purchases to receive coupons for verification and write-off at the store. It can help merchants conduct brand exposure and near-field marketing. Consumers can scan the marketing QR code to participate in the interaction of receiving red envelopes, coupons, samples, etc., and have a good impression of the brand. In the process of scanning the QR code to participate in the activity, the information is sent back to the brand's database in reverse, which provides a more refined reference for consumer insight, store operations, and new product promotion. It is realized that consumers can scan the QR code of fast-moving consumer goods to query product information and verify the authenticity; the multi-level correlation of QR code can realize the judgment of the source and destination of the product; at the same time, scanning the product code can redeem awards and realize promotion and promotion. Provide data basis for secondary marketing Through big data analysis, according to the multiple consumption attributes of consumers, build enterprise-specific consumer portraits, and lay a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve precision marketing. You can choose a batch of channels that match the positioning of fast-moving consumer goods for store and consumer-bound marketing, and then gradually expand the market according to the effect of the activity. Different regions, users, products and other elements are differentiated and maintained, and can be flexibly adjusted according to real-time market effects, making marketing activities more accurate. It has greatly improved the participation rate and experience of consumers, cultivated fan groups, established private domain traffic pools, and enhanced consumers' stickiness to the brand. Low-cost promotions, scan the code to receive red envelopes, the promotion costs are low, and the merchants can set the winning conditions, the probability of winning, and can also see the promotion data of the event.
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