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FMCG establishes a marketing system for one item, one code, and optimizes activities in multiple links

by:Fullgo     2022-10-24
Realize various marketing functions to help brands get through online and offline, realize digital precision marketing, open up the communication scene between the brand and every consumer, cater to the development of the times, build brand reputation, and strengthen consumers' loyalty to product brands . By scanning the code to send red envelopes, in-kind awards, points and other marketing benefits, improve the scanning rate and brand satisfaction of consumers. Through the data analysis of marketing activities, it provides reliable data support and strategic basis for the marketing and management of enterprises. Big data analysis can improve customer relationships, cultivate consumer loyalty, gain higher customer engagement, and make business marketing programs more successful. Real-time monitoring of background data, according to the data feedback of marketing activities, enterprises can adjust marketing strategies in real time to avoid high cost of marketing activities. Innovative and creative interactive process After consumers buy products, they scan the product QR code to follow the company's official account. The company can interact with consumers and understand their habits, so that the company can form a virtuous circle. Fast-moving consumer goods establish a one-item-one-code marketing system. Promoters or distributors encourage shopping guides to promote and sell products and promote products. Customers can also send points or red envelopes after scanning the code, turning customers into communicators. Consumers/shopping guides/stores can scan the QR code of goods to receive cash red envelopes, points, and lottery draws. In the background of the one-item-one-code marketing system, merchants can flexibly set the products participating in the promotion, event time, prizes, and winning rates. You can also Real-time tracking and data analysis of promotion status. Stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers to participate After a large number of consumers scan codes to participate in marketing activities, brand owners can monitor marketing activities through the background, obtain marketing data, and effectively supervise marketing activities. Set the winning rate of each award in the background of the one-thing-one-code marketing system; you can also modify the event prize rules at any time during the event to meet the needs of marketing. Consumers can learn more about product and enterprise information through one-thing-one-code marketing activities, and are willing to forward them, actively share the activity information, expand brand awareness, enhance customer stickiness, and increase brand exposure. FMCG has established a one-item-one-code marketing system. Each certificate is assigned a QR code with anti-smuggling and marketing functions. The marketing code has a scratch layer. Users need to scrape and scan the code to receive the corresponding red envelope Rewards, participation in marketing activities.
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