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FMCG uses anti-smuggling system to grasp the flow information of each product

by:Fullgo     2023-01-18
The record of key information has a strong anti-smuggling function. Merchants can quickly find out the problem through the scanning information of consumers, and can analyze the sales data of each dealer. Through the statistics of production information and sales information, according to This information provides a real basis for corporate decision-making. By using the anti-smuggling system to monitor the flow of products, you can check the sales of products in various regions, monitor the flow of products, and realize anti-smuggling management. The system background can view detailed data reports and distribute sales in various regions, so as to formulate according to different regions. Different sales plans. FMCG uses the anti-smuggling system to track product logistics and sales in real time, track and locate product locations, and help managers monitor in real time. Time to judge whether the product has a problem of cross-selling, which is convenient to solve in time. The monitoring of the product circulation process enables each commodity to be assigned a separate code, and the delivery personnel can scan the related distribution information in the distribution and delivery process to grasp the inventory and distribution process information of the goods. The product distribution and delivery information can be quickly checked by scanning the code, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of disorderly prices in the market. The main function of the anti-smuggling system is to accurately combat vicious smuggling behavior through automatic early warning, stabilize the price system, maintain market order, obtain smuggling data information in a timely manner, monitor product flow, product sales, and dealer behavior at any time; Sales information can be quickly dealt with when there is a smuggling. It is convenient for multi-warehouse hierarchical management of product delivery and warehousing automatic data collection, ensuring that enterprises can grasp the product flow direction in a timely manner, monitor the whole process of data, track products, establish one-to-one data contact, and conduct sub-regional data management. The anti-counterfeiting traceability and anti-smuggling system records key information from raw materials (supplier, production date, batch number, shelf life) to production and processing (from raw materials to finished products), generates QR codes (dynamic encryption technology), and realizes anti-counterfeiting from the system level. The anti-smuggling management system can realize the tracking of products from storage, transportation, sales, and after-sale. Good brand image. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Anti-smuggling system for maternal and infant products, the entire process can monitor the digital anti-smuggling system, and realize the information strategy for enterprises
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