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Food anti-counterfeiting traceability, showing product value

by:Fullgo     2023-02-07
Supervise the traceability of the whole process of product quality, the control of each link in the production process, the quality control of each stage, and the recording of commodity information. Consumers can inquire about product information and complete the full-cycle management of commodities. Consumers can also view detailed information through traceability identification to form commodity information sharing. Food anti-counterfeiting traceability makes enterprise management more convenient, and at the same time increases enterprise brand protection. Anti-counterfeiting labels can protect brands, combat counterfeiters in the market, and protect corporate interests. The traceability function makes consumers more at ease, has a deeper understanding of the product, and enhances the trust in the product brand. Protect consumers' rights and interests, and product information can be traced; covering the entire process from production to sales. From raw materials to sales management, information can be inquired and consumers' trust in commodities can be improved. Record the product anti-counterfeiting traceability system of food production, testing, warehousing, sales, consumption, supervision and other links in the product production process, and build the overall goal of traceability, production records, destination verification and responsibility. It can realize the management of product traceability, tracking, quality inspection, packaging process, etc., greatly improve the production efficiency of products, ensure the excellent quality of products, and achieve healthy and sustainable product efficiency. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system can help companies accurately locate the location of the problem product, avoid the spread of the problem, reduce the negative impact on the company, and accurately understand which link has the problem, make product information transparent, and promote Consumers trust companies more. Buyers have more trust in the good quality and quantity of the brand, which is the basis for establishing a corporate brand. The traceability function of the QR code plays an escort role for the corporate brand and helps it lay a solid foundation. A product corresponds to a QR code, and each product has its own identity code. The logo on the brand product has the anti-counterfeiting function and can be pasted on the packaging of the food for easy identification by consumers. Scan the code to trace the production date, test report, origin and other related information of the product. The one-item-one-code traceability system realizes the full-cycle management of commodities, reduces the error rate, standardizes operations, and produces qualified commodities. Maintain corporate interests, establish brand image, protect brand, and product information is transparent and traceable. Paste the anti-counterfeiting label on the product to prevent its product from being counterfeited. The label is like adding an ID card to the product.
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