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Food traceability code function simplifies the traceability process

by:Fullgo     2023-02-08
The general process of traceability of the whole industry chain: raw materials, collection, production, packaging, terminal sales, logistics, quality assurance, inspection, consumer purchases, mobile phone scanning code, viewing information, and achieving full-cycle traceability. The system opens up the upstream and downstream of products, connects consumers, enables the whole chain of industry data to be connected and shared in real time, and establishes a bridge of interaction between products and consumers, products and enterprises, and products and products. The traceability system has data records in the whole process, which can quickly and accurately recall and deal with problem products, protect brand reputation, and be faster, more accurate and more effective. The quality traceability system can quickly respond to product problems, recall them quickly, find out the problems, save manpower and material resources, and at the same time, it is of great significance to reduce corporate losses and improve customer satisfaction. The data information of each link can be obtained. The food traceability code can query the information of each link, and conduct online query through the traceability source code on the product label to find out all the information of the product's manufacturer, product origin, supply chain, etc. Responsibility. Complete the strict monitoring of the outbound, inbound, logistics and other links of commodities, and has a strong commodity verification function. When the commodities enter the sales terminal, consumers can easily complete the traceability of the commodities by scanning the QR code, thus ensuring the food safety. safety. The traceability system is highly encrypted, and the counterfeiters have no ability to imitate the details, which has attacked the counterfeiters from the root. According to the actual equipment of the manufacturer's production line, the overall design and implementation of the automatic coding scheme is more efficient, stable and reliable. Provide effective means for product quality supervision. The platform is based on public supervision, assists in the auxiliary management of food quality, helps consumers see the transparent manufacturing process, regulates the existing traceability system of enterprises and guides the establishment of the system. The food traceability code function, through the mobile phone scan code, can know the 'lifetime of the item', which truly realizes the whole process of traceability from the purchase of raw materials to the terminal store, which can make consumers feel more at ease, increase consumers' trust in products, and satisfy meet customer requirements for product quality. The food traceability system needs to sort out the food control points of production enterprises, manage the quality control points of the production process, carry out automatic production process supervision, product and enterprise benchmarking early warning, integrate traceability management with production quality control, and provide an on-demand customized system , to meet the personalized and informatization requirements of food processing enterprises.
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