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Food traceability solution to enhance brand value

by:Fullgo     2023-02-07
After refined management of the input food information, the data collector is used to read the QR code to obtain the raw production data of the raw materials; from the information, the procurement standards of the delivered products can be immediately confirmed, and then the raw materials are put into the warehouse. The food traceability system can be traced to the source, from raw material manufacturing, production and processing, quality control, sales, consumer hands and other life cycle process information, through the traceability system, to achieve remote real-time monitoring of production, storage, and transportation processes. The traceability system establishes a unified platform, unified standards, and unified normative system, including: information identification, system data format, system specifications and other elements to achieve data information exchange, and through the top-level design standards and basis, specify the direction of the construction of the traceability system at all levels, and give full play to the entire chain The real role of traceability. All production information is recorded in the whole process of quality traceability system: from product management, transportation, source management of raw and auxiliary materials, production and processing, quality monitoring, food inspection, storage management, distribution channels, consumer management, etc. Integrated traceability, real-time monitoring. Through the traceability platform, formulate a traceability plan for ingredients, master the key quality control points of the production process, data collection and comparative analysis, understand the control and benchmarking management of product production, and know the overall quality management of products through the collection of system data. The product traceability system has been concerned, widely welcomed and recognized by many enterprises. In practical application, it can ensure more accurate control of each link, reduce work costs and management pressure, and enable quality control, information recording and consumption at each stage. Traceback and inquiry. The whereabouts of the food ingredients quality traceability system can be clearly checked. From raw materials to finished products, every link of food production can be traced, and the construction of an intelligent quality traceability system in the production process is completed, helping consumers to see the transparent manufacturing process and standardizing the production of enterprise products. The process is traceable throughout the cycle. When raw material suppliers provide raw materials to manufacturers, batch processing management is carried out, and the original production data of raw materials, manufacture date, edible cycle, manufacturer, and other information are entered in the QR code label, and then pasted on the product, Accomplish the key purpose that the information is queryable. Build a full-chain traceability supervision network to improve the coverage of responsibility traceability; it can effectively improve product quality and avoid various problems in the product sales process. The traceability system can directly report accurate product information to manufacturers and enterprises, and consumers can see product information as long as they scan the code.
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