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Food traceability to improve management efficiency

by:Fullgo     2023-02-07
Quality supervision and tracking of the manufacturing time and packaging equipment of each batch of food are recorded in the database, and the information on the raw materials used can be identified based on the packaging time printed on the food bag and packaging equipment number. When the raw material is put into storage, the food production plant reads the QR code and enters the raw material production information into the database, and the raw material is labeled with the QR code. The QR code label includes the raw material number, raw material name, storage date, supplier and other information. Raw material suppliers conduct batch management when providing raw materials to food manufacturers, enter the original production data of raw materials, manufacture date, expiry date, place of origin, producer and other information into the QR code, print the QR code label, and paste it on the The packaging box is handed over to the food manufacturer. Guarantee product quality By giving each food a unique identity, the one-item-one-code system helps the brand to establish a good reputation, so that consumers can buy with confidence, retrospectively effectively enhance consumers' trust in the enterprise, and increase the sales of the enterprise brand. The food quality traceability system manages the whole process of products, operates products out of the warehouse to complete the delivery management of distributors according to product inventory and production batches, and accesses the logistics interface to obtain logistics information in a timely manner, providing data vouchers for later distribution channel queries. In order to ensure the traceability of food, a whole-process food traceability system has been established. Food production and operation units must establish a food safety traceability system to ensure food traceability. From raw materials to finished products, every link of food production can be traced, and the construction of an intelligent QR code food traceability system in the production process is completed. The whole process of traceability management records is fully informatized, the food traceability chain is clear, and the links of production and processing, circulation and sales, catering services, and special food are connected and traced together, and food safety capabilities and management are comprehensively improved. A food production plant reads ingredients and will read two-dimensional QR codes to enter material production information into a database. Help consumers see the transparent manufacturing process and standardize the full-cycle traceability of the production of enterprise products. When the raw materials of food manufacturers are put into storage, the data collector is used to read the QR code to obtain the original production data of the incoming raw materials; this data can immediately confirm whether the delivered products meet the manufacturer's procurement standards, and then put the raw materials into the storage. The raw material provided by the raw material supplier has a QR code label, and the label records the raw material manufacturer, expiration date and other information. Raw materials provided by suppliers have a two-dimensional QR code label that records information such as the raw material manufacturer and the period of use in the label. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend reading the introduction of one item, one code traceability system, which is more convenient for product supervision and auto parts products to build a full traceability system, so that the whole process can be controlled
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